Thyroid cancer!

Just been dx today with thyroid cancer. Came as a shock although I knew deep down something was wrong. Expected Doc to say lymphoma because I have lupus and sjogrens. Glad I took my mum with me, think she is in a worse state than me but I expect it to take a few days to sink in.

Been reassured by my Doc that's it's highly treatable but I'll have to have surgery to remove my thyroid and surrounding lymph nodes. Never had a hospital stay in my life so not looking forward to it. Then I'll have iodine radiation which involves a few days locked in a lead lined room. Telling family/friends will be hard because as soon as cancer is mentioned people freak and think the worst. Need to try and get a good nights sleep tonight.

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  • Hope treatment goes well for you. Good Luck!

  • So so sorry to hear you bad news !! Hope they sort it out with the opp.. Good luck my thoughts will be with you darlin !!! Xx

  • Hope the treatment goes well for you. It sounds like a terrible shock but the outcome for cancer treatment gets better all the time. Family and friends find all bad news go hard I think so I hope that does not add to your worry. Good luck. Hope you managed to sleep x

  • I have lupus apparently, and have been also hypothyroid for a long time...actually thyroids been going up and down and quite neck bugs me etc...took the docs 4 months to get an ultrasound happening...i have a small lump in my lymph gland...said come back in 3 months check again...thyroid cancer runs in my dads family..What are some of the symptoms for thyroid cancer? My thoughts are with you big time...I wish you well.

  • Thinking of you lovely, I'm positive everything will be okay. Scary though it may be at the moment, we are all with you, wishing you well & sending you healing vibes xxxx

  • Friend of mine had a thyrodectomy for thyroid cancer years ago. She's absolutely tickety-boo, full of beans. Don't worry.

  • You sound so positive, which is always a good sign. I'v been in hospital several times and as long as you have a good book or two time flies. All the very best to you :o)

  • Thanks to everyone for their messages and support X Got a good sleep so feeling ok this morning. Phoned my employer, first thing she said was "you know you won't get paid" . Have only started work with them 3mths ago so no sick pay in first year. Will worry about it later. Have worked for 22 years solid so think I'm entitled to some time off lol. Thanks again everyone X

  • Sounds to me like they can stuff their job. Concentrate on getting yourself well. Thinking of you. x

  • That wasn't very sensitive of her, goodness me, some people have lost the ability to empathise, if they ever had it. I'm so sorry to hear about the cancer, how awful, you poor thing. Do you have anyone else to come with you to these appointments and surgery? It is so lonely to be ill.

  • Sorry to hear your news, I just want to send you my very best well wishes. They sound like there on top of it so that is half the battle. Stay positive - all my very best wishes.

  • So very sorry to read your news, I wish you all the very best with treatment. x

  • Keep that positive attitude going and you will be fine update us all on your progress would like to know how you're doing.

    Healing hugs

    Luppy chickx

  • So sorry to hear your bad news , wish you well keep fighting,

    keep us updated on how your doing take care xxx

  • sorry to hear your news

    my friend had the same years ago and is fine

    it is very treatable but that still doesnt take away the stress and shock of it all .

    you must feel like you have been hit with a wall but once you get over the next wee while you will adjust and get well

    kind regards

  • Oh hun I hope all goes good for you from here. Bless sending lots of hugs and prayers your way xxx

  • Hope all goes well Scoobydoo...look forward to hearing from you xxx

  • Very best wishes keep positive

  • Thank you so much to everyone who has sent their best wishes XX

  • Hi Scooby

    I have lupus and had thyroid cancer in 2004. It is a bit of a pain to go through all the tests and treatment but I go for my 9 year check next Friday and all is well! Any problems or concerns, just msg me. You will be fine!!! I promise!!x

  • All our thoughts are with u. Lots of love and hugs and best wishes. Esky xxx

  • Hi im sorry to read you have cancer. It is hard and can be scarey at times. I went through breast cancer 2 years ago. I stayed focused and positive. I had my two little boys and handfuls of friends to get me through mine. Do you have a good family support and friends? Sending you (big hugs)

    You sound positive which is good!

  • Good luck with the op and treatment, hope all goes well, try to stay positive and let us know how you are please as we'll all be thinking of you xxx

  • Thanks everyone again. Hopefully now all close family and friends know my news. People who I thought were hard as nails got so upset. I wish I didn't have to drag everyone along for the ride. Have decided to name my cancer Gollum lol cause I might sound like him for a few days/weeks after my op.

    Take care all xx

  • I am sorry to hear your awful news however you certainly have the right attitude to get through it.

    God bless you and I am sure you will beat the cancer. xxx

  • Sending you hugs & wishing you a speedy recovery x

  • Sending you best wishes and kind thoughts, as many have already said your positive attitude will help you no end. Take care.

  • Healing thoughts winging their way to you Scoobydoo x

  • Hi hun, be strong, be brave, you can do this, I am Hypothyroid and Lupus, its hard at times but I carry on knowing people are there for me. I was diagnosed today with Alopecia, my hair has been falling for a while but hey, what the hell, at least I wont have a bad hair day, love to you. xxx

  • I am sorry to hear of your dio. I have a feeling that on this Mon. or Tues. I will be hearing the same. My prayers are with you. Signed Littlebowpeep

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