Post thyroid cancer op

Well had total thyroidectomy and lateral neck dissection 3 weeks ago. They removed 50 lymph nodes, 11 of which we're suspect and I had an 11 mm tumor on my thyroid. Was weird waking up from g.a losing 5 hrs of my life. Recovery went ok until my calcium levels to drop and my whole body went into muscle spasm which was very scary, at that point I was rushed to hdu to have cardiac monitoring and calcium infusion. Was only there overnight and the hdu staff where brilliant. Got out on the Monday as planned. Since then everything seems ok. Calcium levels are returning to normal, have a lot more movement in my neck. Go into beatson on the 9th dec for my radioactive iodine trmt. Hopefully only for a couple of days. Slowly getting there and hopefully over the worst.

Thanks to everyone for their best wishes. Take care x


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7 Replies

  • All the best scoobydoo, it's good to hear you speaking so positively of your recovery, and I really hope you continue to do well and stabilise in time to enjoy the festive season ahead of us. Take care.

  • Wow!....

    they are watching something with my lymph nodes and my thyroid...takes so long to get an ultra in Canada now.

  • Good on you, Scoobydoo! Recover well!

  • Wishing you well Scooby.....take care xxxx

  • Well done, it must have been so scary having such an op. Keep strong and well!

  • Big sympathy to you. Hope you will soon be on the mend. Don't forget you will get all your prescriptions for free now. I had same op twice, 13 years ago. I had partial then a year later, total thyroidectomy. All benign thankfully. I recovered well and the scar is not too obvious . I had my gall bladder removed under the same anaesthetic and my surgeon said that my probs could be due to auto immune probs. I was undiagnosed then. All I read lately is thyroid - lupus connections. Am new to this site and keep reading thyroid and gall bladder probs here! Once again speedy recovery to you with best wishes.

  • So glad all is going well. I have been having a real problem eating, have lost a stone, down to 8stone . Have had my gallbladder removed and had a hiatus hernia op a few years ago. Now they tell me I have a bulge down my throat which must stop the food passing through. Have to puree food and take anti sickness ills twice a day. Has anyone had anything like it.

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