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Challenging time ahead

I met with the oncologist yesterday having been discharged from hospital. Whilst in hospital the oncologist informed me that the pluerodesis operation had not been a success, my lung had filled with fluid again, there was growth and the next step maybe to take me off maintenance chemotherapy and try me on Tarceva.

It has been decided that my lung is to be drained again and either a drain to be put into my lung enabling a nurse to drain it as and when required or for a second attempt at the pluerodesis operation. I had expected the 'growth' to be in my current tumour, however, I was not prepared to be told that I have two new tumours in my lung. The oncologist believes that my body has become accustomed to my current treatment of Avastin and Pemetrexed which is why further tumours have grown. He has said he will do everything possible to prolong my life and I am willing to try or do anything.

Due to my age and fitness levels the oncologist feels I will be able to cope with another form of chemotherapy using Gemcitabine and Carboplatin.

I am now waiting for the telephone to ring so that the wheels can be set in motion. I cannot explain how afraid I am. There are so many questions spinning in my head, what if my body is now accustomed to all chemotheraphy? The tumours weren't there at my last scan in November so they have clearly grown at speed.

My husband and daughter are amazing, I know I have to be strong but am finding it terribly difficult to stay positive and find myself crying endlessly.

Is there anyone who is in a similar situation that can give me some positive news? I just need something positive to hold onto, some form of hope x

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Hi Lulla,

I know it's hard right now but it sounds as though your oncologist has other options for you. As your doctor says you are lucky to have age & fitness on your side so please try to stay hopeful.

Sending you all my thoughts and a big hug

Sue xx


Hi Lulla,

I don't have any advice except that I just wanted to say that I pray that you get the right treatment. You mjust be so scared - I would be the same - Please try and stay positive and try and make the most of your time, which I hope will be a long long sorry that you are having a really bad time - major hugs coming your way - Tania xx



hope you have not spent too long waiting by the phone and that your clinical team are giving you options and support. This is a hard situation to find yourself in and we are all thinking of you and your family.


Information & Support team


i hope all gos well for you as ihad lung cancer two years agohad to have half my lung take out i wish you the best of luck whith it i know it is hard but you need to stay strong my wishers are whith you


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