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Next step in this challenging journey

Last week I found it very difficult to deal with the fact that having undertaken such a traumatic and challenging 2012 I am now in a worse position than I was when I was first diagnosed. It seems terribly unfair that despite all the chemotherapy, side effects and operations cancer has put me several steps back when I felt I had leaped several steps forward.

This week, however, I feel in a better place. My operation has been confirmed for Tuesday 16th April. The first pluerodesis operation in December has been unsuccessful and the fluid has returned, therefore its been decided that there should be a second attempt, but to be on the safe side I am also to have a catheter inserted into my lung so that the fluid can be drained at home should it return. Once this has been done we will then look at what options are available to me regarding further treatment.

I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful positive comments on my last blog 'Challenging Times Ahead'. They helped me focus again and gain some inner strength. I am obviously still extremely anxious as to what I am to face in the next coming weeks/months but feel slightly more in control now the initial shock has had time to sink in. The Oncologist stressed that he will do everything in his power to prolong my life and keep me alive. Every month that we can all fight we are a month closer to finding a cure!

My thoughts are with you all, with love Tallulah x

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So glad that you are feeling more optimistic after the difficult situation you are having to deal with. I'll be thinking of you on Tuesday & hope it all goes well.

Lots of Love

Sue xx


Hi Lulla

I have just had a pleurodesis A few days ago so didnt see your blogg. But I am told the failure rate is very small. You have to believe you were just unlucky last time an this time it will be a successes. All the best for this coming week you will be in my thoughts for the 16th



wishing you all the best , we will be thinking of you and your family on tuesday,


Hope all goes well on Tuesday Lulla. Stay strong and positive, your family are there to support you and we're all here to listening to you if you want to say things that you feel you cant say to the family xx


Hi Lulla, hope it goes Very well for you on Tuesday. Stay Strong and Postive, as mentioned before your Family ar there to support you and we're all here to listen to you if you want to say things that you feel you can't say to the family. Just as Debjmac has said. Will be thinking of you on Tuesday georgie xxx


Hi Lulla,

I just wanted you to know I will be thinking about you tomorrow ,best wishes for a successful outcome.


Thank you all for your kind positive words, I shall keep you all informed of my progress x


Lulla - will be thinking of you tomorrow......xxxxxx


Lulla, will be thinking of you and your family tomorrow. Keep your chin up.




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