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Pet Scan results are in.

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Well what a roller coaster ride this time round. I saw my oncologist yesterday Good News. The chemotherapy has done it's job on the cancerous lymph nodes in my abdomen left lung and collar bone are no longer cancerous 😀.

However my tumour is still there in my right lung still inactive. They also found a large area of inflammation in my right lung, a possible side effect from the Radiotherapy. So I am now on a high dose of Prednisolone yet again ( weight gain and chipmunk face 🙄. ) X-ray next week to see how things are and progress from there. When the infection clears they may consider chemotherapy maintenance so we await my new path. But good news for the moment.

I feel guilty writing about good news here because there isn't always enough if it on here. However it also shows things can be fixed, in my case not permanently but for a time. Good luck on your journey.

Will keep you updated ❤❤❤ Janet

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Fantastic news. It’s good to share both good and bad news Ollie. Thankfully I have been in remission since September 2028 and pray that it will continue👍

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Ollie13 in reply to Swimdown

Hi that's great news long may it continue. Yes it is nice to read good news long may we get more on here. Such a fantastic helpful site and so many lovely people to meet under stressful circumstances. Take care xx

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Swimdown in reply to Ollie13

I’ve just seen my typo should have read 2018! Take care

That’s wonderful news. So pleased for you. x 😊

Hi Janet I'm absolutely over the moon for you. It's such a tonic to hear your good news please don't ever feel guilty. Look after yourself don't worry about looking like a chipmunk they're awfully cute xxx

Dear Ollie,

It is indeed very good news and as always thank you for allowing us all to be on this journey with you. By documenting your path it will be of great benefit to those who may only just starting their own treatment, reading your own personal account can give them some idea of what to expect.

We all love to hear good news and please do not feel guilty about sharing it with us all

Best Wishes

Roy Castle support Team

Hi Ollie, I’m so pleased for you. Never ever feel bad posting good news, it gives me hope and others, that’s all I ever search for some positive news from someone. I’ve stopped googling because all the negative jump to the top of the list. I’m just back from Christie, second immunotherapy and Zoledronic fusion. Keep in touch Ollie. Pam xxx

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Ollie13 in reply to Loimie

O Pam I stopped Dr Googling a long time ago when I nearly pooped myself 😂 . There's a lot of scarey information that we really don't need to know. Thank god for this site. Hope the infusuons are going well I put on a ton of weight on with immunotherapy 😒 but hey ho it worked.🤞 for you take care keep in touch xx Janet

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Loimie in reply to Ollie13

Ollie! I hope I put weight on! Gone from 8 stone which I’ve always been to 43kg which is just over six and a half stone!! Stopped eating for a while after diagnosed with all the anxiety. Fingers crossed immunotherapy will do the trick! Sending love. Pam xx

Such great news. My mother is terminal but after treatment for sclc in 2016 it has been stable so good news is always worth sharing as it gives such hope! Onwards and upwards!!!

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JPotter42 in reply to AnnW1

This is also good news, I don’t hear much in regards to SCLC longterm. There’s always hope isn’t there

So happy to hear your news Janet! xx

Janet. That's amazing news. You have been very brave and now things will get better and better ......Janet x my real name too!!

Just love good news!! Don’t ever feel guilty about sharing it. Stay positive and hope infection soon gone x

So relieved for you - and never feel guilty - it's important for people to know there are good news stories and survivors - I remember being so delighted when I first met some who'd survived a really long time when I started getting involved in lung cancer research as they gave me hope.... I've often been prescribed steroids over the years and my weight fluctuates enormously but I'm still very grateful for every day.... take care...

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Ollie So pleased to hear you have had good news, always worth sharing. I know it has been an emotional and physical roller coaster, so that makes the upturns all the more precious. Hope you have a good spell and do keep sharing.

Lorraine @ Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

Great news Janet, I am awaiting my PET scan results with some dread, so your positive news has cheered me up. Thanks

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Ollie13 in reply to Antrobus2021

Hi yes the waiting for scan results is always and will always be the worst time. It's the not knowing hope you get good results 🤞 my thoughts are with you. xx

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Antrobus2021 in reply to Ollie13

Many thanks x

Fantastic news xxx

Hooray for the good news! Thanks for sharing! I had inflammation of my lung after radiation. My doc said it was a normal and expected reaction and as Bebe55 pointed out - chipmunks are cute! You go girl!

Hi Ollie hopin X-ray go ok I also got scan results tumours both lungs shrink but they say dot on liver growing they not sure if cyst or the dreaded c they keep eye on it sadly my mum passed away on Sunday so they cancel my chemo and immuno for two weeks so I can go funeral horrible time xxxk

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Ollie13 in reply to Red58

😪 Margaret so sorry to hear your news about your mum. One consolation she hopefully didn't suffer with the cancer. My deepest sympathy to you and my thoughts are with you.Regarding you good news the tumours are shrinking and once treatment restarts they and every other piece of cancer will shrink 🤞.

Again Margaret my thoughts are with you I'm always here for a chat/vent take care stay in touch 🤗🤗🤗 virtual hugs xx

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Red58 in reply to Ollie13

Thank you Ollie xxx

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