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Next step of the journey

Two weeks ago I received the shocking news that my lung cancer had spread. The cancer is now in both lungs and I have been diagnosed with bone cancer. The initial shock and horror has calmed with the help of the McMillan Nurse, Oncologist and GP........and a few anxiety drugs! I am due to start a new line of chemotherapy tomorrow. Previously have tried Avastin, Carboplatin, Gemcitabine & Pemetrexed. Unfortunately non of which have been successful. All hopes now on Abraxane. My oncologist certainly isn't giving up and seems to be throwing everything at me, although I'm led to believe this is our last hope. On the positive side there is a 20% chance this chemo will be successful and 20% is better than nothing. Is there anybody out there that has experience of Abraxane? Any advice would be welcome. Bring on tomorrow, chemo day, I have my family behind me and my boxing gloves on. Everyone out there keep fighting, with love Tallulah x

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Hi Tallulah

You're 100% guaranteed we're all behind you!

Love Bill x

Sorry can't give you any advice but want you to know that we're all behind you and hoping you're one of the 20%.

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow as it's my chemo day too. - change of drug to Cisplatin, so waiting to see what the side effects will be.

Love Sue xx

Hi Tallulah, we're with you all the way and with 20% you are so in with a fighting chance. So go ahead and kick some ass girl!! Sending hugs and good wishes Moni x

Hi Tallula, I had been thinking about you. You certainly seem to have a good team around you. Here's hoping 20 is your lucky number. Love Rab x

thinking of all the best xx

Thinking of you, all the best,hope you will be one of the 20%

Thinking of you xxxxxxx

Hi Tallula

Like sue I cant give any advice, but I will be thinking about you and send lots of hugs....stay strong x x

Karen x

I hope u r ok xxx

My mum finished her 6 cycles of chemo..., and after 1 month of rest, she had her CT scan and we have found out that her cancer had spread both of her lungs and heart, she was also diagnosed of a bone cancer, the 5th and 6th cycles of her chemo did not work out on her anymore, my mum is really suffering from the chest pain lately and there is nothing we can do to help her to take the pain away but just to watch.... God it is really breaking our heart, the doctor asks her to have another chemo, but my mum doesnt want it anymore because of all the suffering she have experienced, the doctor offers her another type of chemo which is iressa, and the effect is not as bad as the normal chemo. She will start her pills tom and we are praying that it will give her good results. I will pray for u too. God bless and keep ur faith

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