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Quinoa with spicy veggies

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Hi everyone,

Here's what I made for dinner tonight, I was busy so didn't have a lot of time and this is a nice simple meal with diced onion chestnut mushrooms garlic sweet peppers diced hot chilli's with some frozen mixed veg and sprouts. I made a gravy with a little gram flour mixed to a paste with cold water low salt bouillon and yeast extract and I had plenty to show how easy it is to make a vegan gluten free gravy that is natural and wholesome. . I had it with red lentils and quinoa which I cook together.

Quinoa is a complete food so contains all the vital amino acids our bodies need which's the opposite of most processed food...and I cook it with some red lentils as they compliment each other I think. 😊

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We had baked beans on toast tonight for dinner after a busy day job hunting and interviewing this morning and catching up with my friends this morning in town after they had looked through my employment tribunal form where I explained what had led me to deciding to resign back in November and a list of incidents and what had gone on and they said good on me for taking them to a tribunal and that there had been no need for them to have been so aggressive towards me when I had described the incidents of being criticised over seemingly trivial things and my friends said no they aren't trivial and they could see a pattern when they checked through the form and said how they would have walked out of there and not worked notice like I did.

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Well good luck with your tribunal and job hunting Hidden

in reply to Jerry

I'm scared about the tribunal though.

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Of course you are it's human nature, they have more to be worried about though so good luck Hidden 😊

I have never tried Quinoa. I have some though lol

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Hey you want to try it HealthBuddyMelissa and have it instead of pasta or rice, I love it. 😊

I don't believe in wasting food so before the expiration date I will have to try it lol

I have a weird dislike for certain textures so I am thinking it will be like oatmeal which I hate.

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The secret is to cook it thoroughly and when it's cooked little curls come out is has a really nice texture and taste and I prefer it to rice. 😊

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Wow Jerry - your meal looks great - I especially like the look of the sprouts - I love sprouts. Some lovely ingredients there and I bet it was tasty.

Zest :-)

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Aw thanks Zest I love sprouts too and have plenty in the freezer...😊

What lovely ingredients Jerry and a lovely mix of quinoa and lentils. I use a lot of quinoa.


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Thanks Alicia and good for you its delicious. 😊

Looks delicious Jerry 😊

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Veeee

Aw thanks Veeee thats very nice of you to say that. 😊

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