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Embarassing Dental Appointment

Hi guys, I felt really embarassed today at the dental clinic. I went for a second opinion to see if I need to extract my wisdom teeth. But the dental students mistaken my request as extraction. I was really panicking in the appointment because I started fearing doctors due to my PTSD. Then the supervisor of the dentist students was quite dismissive when she heard her dental student explaining the situation to her, saying "why are we wasting time then?" That felt horrible.

I did an extraction about 10 years ago. And never did anything else. I just feel sometimes people are not understanding of mental health problems :(

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Sorry to hear about this awful time at the dentist. Unfortunately, people are not always understanding about mental health problems. And the supervisor talking about 'time wasting' is totally inappropriate and rude. Would it help if you explained to your dentist that you have PTSD ( if you have not already done so?). If they continue to lack compassion and care, do you have the option of finding a more caring dental clinic?

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I am really sorry to hear that this happened to you. I think that students can do affordable job when on low income but I doubt they will go an extra mile. There are many dentists who understand how much of the population experiences fear of dentists (which may be due to horrible childhood experiences) and they try to do their best. My dentist is like that. Years ago when I was in a triggered state I kicked him by accident and all the tools fell down to the floor, I was in panic attack. I explained I had some recent trauma and I was having PTSD and I was feeling horrible and embarrassed. I thought after kicking him like that he will kick me out of his dental practice but he did not.He talked to me, calmed me down, said nothing happened, everything is okay.

I mean, I was at a point where I called my insurance to ask about general anesthesia, I just couldn't go through it not because of pain, but because the whole thing was so terrifying. I am amazed that his attitude helped me to do it step by step and each appointment I handled things better and he complimented me for it.

If you have an understanding dentist it will make a difference. Please keep trying to find one....

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I totally agree with Ellen6 and Nathalie, it's completely unacceptable and unprofessional of your dentists to have that discussion in front of you and to be that insensitive.

I think your time would be well invested in finding a caring and empathic dentist.

I too have had a bad experience with a few dentists, the last one being a very condescending dental hygienist who (literally) left me with a bad taste in my mouth! She made me feel stupid, irresponsible and like I was the worst person in the world for not getting dental checkups more regularly. The kind that stares into your mouth and makes a shocked face like they are seeing a botched surgery.... "Have you brushed your teeth lately?"

I promptly cancelled my next appointment and decided to take my business elsewhere. Healthcare is not something you screw around with, its your comfort and your life at stake so its well worth it to find some one who you trust.

I would have said to the dentist in response to her comment, "Why am I wasting MY time then?" And flounced off dragging the whole dental chair and apparatus with me in my wake.


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Very true. Feel for you.

Take care and stay strong!


I'm sorry this happened to you. The people are suppose to give you compassion and comfort. I hope that you find another place to go if that is what you choose and that you find what you are looking for somewhere else or that you can be open and honest with the dentist about how you feel they treated you. Take care.


Oh man. That's a plot for a horror story as far as I'm concerned. My dad who is very introverted & doesn't have PTSD once reached up and grabbed his dentist's wrist during a procedure. Luckily they laughed later.. But laying back like that is almost impossible for me. I still think it's just weird in general to lie down with lights shining in your eyes and tools in your face. Eeeek 😖😖😖😖😮🔪🔪🔪


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