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Heal My PTSD
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Good news! Did two dental extractions at one go while managing my anxiety!

Hi everyone, just wanted to share my joy here after finishing successful dental extractions today at a new dentist. She was really kind, patient and friendly and explained all the procedure (numbing, injections) before we got started. That was awesome.

Despite my fear and anxiety creeping up during the procedure, I was able to keep going while breathing in and out through the procedure. She was considerate enough to ask me how I was doing every 5 seconds or so until she got the tooth out. She also told me what she was going to do and doing to inform me, which is good for the PTSD hypervigilance.

So now, I am just doing post-operative care to prevent infections and other complications. I will need to extract the other two after these two wounds heal up. Hope it will be fine.

Have a great day / night everyone!

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Great news!

Well done.

I've got to get that one ticked off my list too.

Take care 👍😊

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You did wonderful...and you are brave.

That's how the dentists should be like, explaining things all the way through the process.

Well done 👍

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Awesome news!! Thanks for sharing such a significant victory with us.

I had a traumatic injury at the dentist when I was in high school so on top of my trauma history, going to the dentist is difficult for me.

I informed my current dentist of that and she does exactly like you described, carefully explaining each step and checks in with me frequently to make sure I'm ok. It does help a lot.

So happy to hear you've found a good dentist you're comfortable with as well.


Yes, my dentist explained each step while she was doing it and keep checking if I was comfortable enough before proceeding. It's awesome to have such doctors really. They're rare breed.

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Well done you ⭐️Xxx


Good Job, Purebliss!!!

What a way to concur your fear!! Kudos to the dentist!! :-)

Remember this experience the next time you are anxious about a situation, you are amazing!!


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purebliss congratulations. Great job. Well done.

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