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More therapy

So I see a shrink who prescribed med for anxiety and depression. I see a therapist for alcoholism ptsd and depression. The shrink is twice a month and the therapist is every Friday. Yet my wife still says I "check out" and don't seem to be interested in anything. I like my quiet time and don't feel it is necessary for me to be involved in every conversation. Yet with all my time on the couches and AA I feel I have no time for anything else but my wife wants me to see a different doctor. It is frustrating and I get angry. Not looking for really anything just want to vent.

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I hear you. Glad you could vent.


There's a hospital in Kansas City MO that has a program specifically for trauma.

It takes Medicare. I plan to go there. Two Rivers Hospital on Raytown rd.


I agree that a different doc or program could serve u better. I can hear the frustration. .


It sounds like your just getting medicated...and not getting any resolution to your problems. A different program that is more progressive might be more helpful for you. Have you thought of trying Somatic Experiencing Therapy? That could help you connect on a deeper level to yourself..and help work on issues.


I have no idea how long you have been in therapy, AA etc.

I joined AA 31 years ago & it was discussed that especially in the beginning, when you are supposed to do 90 meetings in 90 days & all thru that 1st year, it will be a major time commitment that spouses & family might not understand. That family members can often feel resentful that you are spending less time with them. Children in particular tend to rock the boat of recovery because they are so used to the old boat. No matter how leaky that boat may be, it is all they know. Change, even good healthy change can be met with resentment & even sabotage. If this is your case (I don't know) then perhaps your wife might benefit from attending meetings specifically for spouses of alcoholics. Where I was, it was strongly recommended that spouses do so. Often, spouses only see the alcoholic as the one having the problem & are blind to the fact they have their own issues not caused by the alcoholic. Those first 3 to 5 years are so important. Perhaps your sponsor might also be willing to speak to her.

I congratulate you on taking the step to join a 12 step program. It's not an easy one. And yes, you have a right for some much needed quiet time. We all do. You have a lot on your plate right now.

I'm glad you are doing what you need to take care of yourself to have a better future.

Also glad you vent when needed.

I certainly can't comment on your medical care. There was not enough info & you said you just wanted to vent & were not looking for feed back anyway.

But, I went thru the same AA time resentment & even some sabotage so I related to you. Hope you don't mind my unrequested feedback.

Good luck.


Thank you all for the feedback. I am frustrated and I love my wife and kids. Hope you are all doing well. God Bless


Hi wounded, my hubby is so patient and amazing but I always feel that it will have a shelf life. He says I make him laugh and he is very proud of me. I wish you and your family a happy life now and in the future. Oh ye and keep venting. No advice available on anything else sorry. I'm a newby diagnosed last year but had ptsd for a long time. All the best



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