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Choices in Recovery!

I have made some choices in recovery that I have not been beneficial. I'm working everyday to making good choices. Here are a couple that I made that I wanted to share with everyone.

1. Choose a physician

When choosing a doctor it's ok to ask their background in dealing with trauma. Find out of they are compassionate. I just made a switch to a doctor that has a reputation for being compassionate.

2. Choosing a Therapist

Make sure that the person you choose to get counsel from has experience with dealing with trauma. The person I go to now is a trauma survivor. She overcame and uses book knowledge as well the personal experience to help aid in recovery. It helps to see someone who has come through the same healing process that you may experience. The former person I went to wanted to know what " I found" rather do research on how to help me. It was a frustrating situation. I'm glad I made the change.

We have a right to heal and it helps to have people in your corner to aid in the process.

Recover well.....

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Terrific post -- I love the fact that you're coming from such a powerFUL place! Learning these lessons in my own recovery process was game changing. You mean I had a right to choose...? That concept didn't occur to me for so many years. When I, like you, started consciously making these kinds of empowering decisions it altered how I perceived myself, others and the world -- all things at the core of healing.

Here's to your success!


Awe thanks MicheleR! I appreciate it. It's all about recovering and healing...it's worth every minute of the process!


Thank you for this good advice. I totally agree!

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You're welcome AbideinLove


You're welcome. I hope it helps you! I wish someone had told me in the beginning. It's better late than never.


I really like this post and I agree completely. Gemma X

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Cool thanks for the response.


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