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Hoping this will help someone

I have been feeling bad for a while, since getting injured in a serious accident. My SSRI stopped working suddenly. Tried a SNRI and it was horrible for me. Nothing was working, and I felt like I was slowly dying. It felt like the life force was just ebbing away from me.

I got a methylation test(expensive ~$200/300). It showed that my body doesn't process folate or folic acid(a form of vit B12). It doesn't matter how much I take, my body just doesn't work well with it. In fact, taking it in the regular vitamin form is like a poison to my body. I was very deficient. My doctor prescribed "Deplin" which is categorized as a "medical food", but is prescribed for depression and schizophrenia. It has made a huge difference for me. I feel like I have energy again, and I am no longer dying. I have hope again.

Deplin is expensive and I have horrible insurance. I am going to try the prescription program on the drug home site and hopefully I can get it discounted to about $50/month.

I hope this helps at least someone. No I don't work for any methylation testing site. I just know I felt like my energy was slowly being drained from me. Turns out the proper form of vit. B12 for me, helps neurological/emotional/energy problems.

: )

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Hi Cat2. That's great to hear that this has helped you :-). Really helpful information. Thank you. I hope you continue to progress.


It is very good that you shared this. I have read online about it. I think it is very important.

I do not have this issue but I have heard stories of others that are strikingly similar to yours.

There is a community on HU that it related to it so I thought I'd share just in case: healthunlocked.com/pasoc


Thanks for posting Cat. Is that a MTHFR test? Sorry excuse my ignorance but I've read in forum that some people can't take a certain type of B12. So was the first sign of something wrong, that you came up as B12 deficient in a blood test? Glad to hear you are now on the road to healing and thanks for sharing that :-)


Yes mijas07, it was a MTHFR test. It was suggested because I wasn't getting any lasting relief from acupuncture, neuromuscular massage, trigger point injections and chiropractic treatments.


Thank you so much for sharing your good news. It is so uplifting to hear about someone having a major change in their symptoms. I hope it does help someone else too. It is important for forum members to read about improvements. Many of us tend to use the site to release our pain and frustration. It is very important to have a safe place to do that with people who understand. But bright moments and information that can help others, is just as important. Yea you!!!!!


That's very interesting and very useful to know. Thanks for posting!

Glad that you are beginning to feel better again.

Good luck and best wishes.


Wow; this is very interesting indeed. I've always struggled with energy drain...terrible physical energy drain. I wonder if I don't have something like this too. I've never heard of Deplin. I'll have to read up on it. Thank you very much for sharing what you've learned with us.


I'm glad your problem was solved. Take care.


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