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Are any of you on the medicine that is for PTSD?

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It took my doc & I, 3 years to find what worked for me. They treat me the same way as they treat our military men & women that suffer from ptsd. Starting with a pill you take at night to help with nightmares. See, for a long time, ptsd was considered just for the military.....but there is civilian ptsd as well.

Here's to hoping most of the people on this site has discussed this medicine for there nightmares or panic attacks with their physician. See, now when I wake up, I don't remember them & my mornings are much much better.

Panic attacks for me stopped upon waking. Now, I still go for talk therapy which I feel helps me a lot. And is needed for me.

But I just wanted to share this with everyone, bc it worked immediately for me. My family was amazed....and me too.

Let me know.

Be kind to yourself. Have a calm day!

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hi. specifically for pts? what is it? curious. thanks.

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It's called Prazosin. I take 1mg at night. It's used for PTSD & nightmares, however it's considered a blood pressure pill.

It worked for me immediately. You can Google it.

Doctors have been given this to our military men & women for years that come back from war and have PTSD.

Bc civilians have ptsd too!!

Just brought on from trauma of something that happened in there life.

So hope this helps. It's worth repeating that this is a blood pressure pill that is used for nightmares and PTSD.

Check with your doctor. The ironic part for me is I don't have high blood pressure but this pill saved me from the horrible panic attacks upon waking. They are completely gone.

Warm regards,


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Hi, do these tablets have any side effects and are they addictive ?? I'm really interested in taking them by what you have said I suffer terible ( it's horrific. For me ) with Morning Anxitey and it's getting worse through the day, Iv suffered since jaunary and just want it to end, thanks so much for telling us about this medication

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Well it worked like a miracle for me! I went 3 years b4 they decided to treat me for ptsd with this medicine.

I had no side effects.

Ask your doctor or look it up yourself. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Warm regards,


I also used Prazosin for 1 year & it worked great for me. When the doctor said I could discontinue it, I was told to simply stop. As it was not addictive there was no withdrawal. That was a year ago & the nightmares & flashbacks have remained gone. Obviously check with & follow your doctors instructions. I do not have blood pressure problems & I had no side effects except a little tiredness in the morning so he cut me to a lower dose.

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