Making sense of PTSD

My history was very traumatic and did huge damage. This post is for anyone who is prepared and interested enough to read or listen to Eckert Tolle's work "A New Earth: Awakening to.your life's purpose". It is quite heavy going and I must have listened to it so many times. FInally, for me, there are answers and explanations about us as people and why we react to life the way we do. You need to take your time to assimilate everything but it has helped me enormously. Hope some of you will find it helpful. Wanted to share this "light bulb" moment with you because it's really helped me. All good wishes to those of you who give it a try and also to everyone dealing with PTSD.

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  • Eckhart Tolle's work is, indeed very deep and I'm sure it's helpful to many people..

    Many of us have been severely damaged by very traumatic histories both emotionally and physically so it's always good to know what helps others..

    Good wishes to you too and thank you for sharing..

  • 😊xxx

  • Colliedogs4me. Understanding PTSD. You left a message saying "write a profile" and "post". Sorry but am not sure what to do about that although I would like to speak to you. Could you tell me how to do this please? MAry

  • Hi Mary I'm sorry when did I leave you a message I can't find it on here. So sorry if you want to pm me please do 😀xxx🌻

  • I have his CD's and books. yeah, I like him. thank you, will take them out again now you mentioned it. What would he say about ptsd? he doesn't really talk about it, only the pain body....

  • But PTSD does register in the body as pain and often carried, unresolved trauma.

  • Eckhart Tolle and PTSD. Hi. No he doesn't mention PTSD specifically but it helped me to understand how our brain lies to us. Think I've managed to control feelings now (almost) but am so lonely. HAve lost several friends over the past couple of years from death and the rest have disappeared. Apart from my youngest daughter I have and see no one. Also have ET so fatigue is a huge problem. Also have recurring chest infections due to damage to lungs after having pneumonia. Life feels pretty grim right now. Think the PTSD has exhausted me and need rest but would love a friend to take me to the woods -- can't drive far these days so can't take myself off. Am just recovering from a chest infection and throat virus - no one around to give TLC - butam used to that. It's just harder now that I am older (77).. Feel I've been cheated of a life twice. Then (PTSD) and now with ET and the inability to be the vigorous person I once was. Can't find good medical support here.. Was diagnosed with PTSD after ET and just left to get on with it. It gets pretty tough at times. Will look up reading material anyway . Suppose what I'm saying is that I wish I wasn't so lonely. Sorry for the negativity. YOu are all trying to cope and some of you are doing great. Thanks for listening. Mary

  • Thank you for sharing this

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