had surgery yesterday

I had surgery yesterday to correct a deviated septum. To widen out my passageways in my nasal spaces. Right now I can't breathe cause I'm all plugged up from the swelling. I didn't sleep last night at all cause I couldn't breathe. My adrenals are exhausted and driving me nuts emotionally. I don't want to feel my heartbeat in my neck. So that stirs me up inside..which stirs up my body into more fight/flight.. Plus my nose keeps draining and I breathe through my mouth which keeps drying out like crazy. I got 3-5 days of this as my nose heals. I did this to improve my sleep. Right now I wish I had not done the surgery. I'm just too sensitive for stimuli of any kind. How many of you have similar reactions to medical procedures? I bet a lot of you react like me. 1 day healing down...2-4 to go. Luckily I don't have much pain. But then I can deal with pain... Not lack for sleep or breathing through my nose. Plus I feel sick to my stomach...which doesn't help me one bit. ughhhh. Being human is hard!!!

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  • Great practical suggestions - the kind I'm likely to forget when I'm not feeling good! :)

  • stwdiehl- I am so sorry you hurt. Surgery is no fun at all. :(

  • Being human is super-hard! I did that same surgery -- it changed my life: no more sinus infections, no ore puffy eyes, etc. So, hang in there. The first few days are miserable, agreed. I spent them lying in a darkened room and basically feeling really, really, crappy. But after that as you heal you'll be so happy to have this behind you.

    Wow, Stuck1 gave lots of fantastic advice! Follow it; it's all spot on accurate.

  • Thank you for the wonderful encouragement. I finally got some sleep last night. Not enough.. but some. I'll figure I'll get better sleep in a few more days. Until then...one hour/one day at a time of healing.

  • Keep weird breathing. since it's Halloween, you can pretend you are playing the script of a snoring mummy for a few days. Once the part is over, you will be able to breathe and you will be glad you took the part. It will be worth it, so keep acting!

  • An update. My body is really feeling the effects of exhaustion. My body is stuck in fight/flight mode at the moment with too much cortisol in my system. Heartrate is pumping quickly, I feel sleepy but know I can't sleep. Daytime I feel out of it...at night I feel awake or in a dark room. I'm going to take a short walk today and see if that helps alittle, then lay down and listen to my pulse pounding fast in my neck. (which can further trigger my panicky reaction). Boy do I need deep uninterrupted sleep to reset my parasympathetic nervous system. Any suggestion how to do this beside's slow deep breaths?

  • I spent 12 hrs in bed last night. I slept alittle. It helped calm my system down. But I swear I need to be knocked out to give my body a long rest to reset my body back to normal. pulse still high, noises, lights still over stimulating. Adrenal fatigue is what one doctor said I had from my PTSD. I'm contacting my regular doctor tomorrow and see what she says.

  • I had the same surgery about 5 years ago. After the surgery I had similar feelings that you are having. I can say that when everything is healed up it is amazing how much better I can breath. I felt someone could drive a truck through my nasal passages. It was great. I am very glad that I had the surgery now. I have gotten used to the extra air but I still breath much better. Hang in there. I am sure you will get through it and be glad you had it.

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