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Advice for a newbie


Hello, I just created the account because I am struggling with depression, anxiety and ptsd. I was struggling for months by myself but I couldn’t get professional help. When I finally got it and I started treatment with first cbt and antidepressants then they moved me to emdr. I could barely go through the sessions but my therapist was very supportive. Still when we uncovered all my childhood traumas he had to refer me to another specialist because he didn’t have the right education for it. Long story short I had to transfer to Sweden for a new job and being alone in a new country with no friends made me feel way worse. Also, it seems that getting professional help here is next to impossible for now because nobody considers grief for family members, extremely hurtful breakup and emotional abuse from parents a cause for a ptsd. I’m not sure how that works according to psychologists here but they seem to have a very different idea and language barrier doesn’t help either. After being sent to the emergency room since I had several episodes when I couldn’t stop crying and couldn’t breathe, I only received some mild sedatives to help me sleep for a couple of days. I’m still trying to find help and applying for all types of clinics but if you have any advice please let me know. I even feel that I’m not allowed to feel bad because apparently according to many doctors in Sweden I don’t have a valid reason for me to have a ptsd. Now when I’ve uncovered all my traumas without support around me I just feel the worst I’ve ever been. It’s like I need a permission and even beg to be diagnosed (again!) and get help. I know a lot of people here have been through worse though and it really hurts me to read the stories but I see a lot of hope in the positive answers you give each other.

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That’s really odd because some of the best research for this comes out of Sweden. Take the meds until we get some answers for you.

You can do DBT therapy with your own book and on YouTube at home. I did and it was great.

Also you can do binaural YouTube meditations on issues at home. The point of EMDR is to cross the midbrain. If you wear earbuds while you’re listening to the binaural meditation you’ll get the same effect. It’s what I do as well as others I know who can’t afford therapy.

So you know I do Neuro research and my friends are nerds as well. So I tell you this from a friend therapist.

Sorry you’re having so much trouble.


Thanks a lot! I haven’t heard about dbt. I googled it now and it seems relevant. I’ll follow your advice. Honestly I’m just dumbfounded. After 3.5 hours at the emergency room The “psychiatrist” just told me to change my life and find friends. She didn’t even tell me what pills she gave and how to take them. I literally had to chase the nurse for it after having a full panic attack. I’m writing an official complaint to the authorities. So no, Sweden isn’t that great. I also can’t imagine what people do if they’re not as stubborn as I am or don’t have the money to pay for treatment. It’s beyond belief and really makes me lose even more trust in the world

Try to hold on. There are people in this group who know things.


Hi greenrainbow,

Welcome to the community.

I had similar experiences. Will send you private message but please bear with me as I'm running behind.

There is hope and I've made it despite the system not helping me when I needed it the most.

My best results came from involving body in my therapy. Trauma is stored in the body on a cellular level and it can be helpful to discharge it.

Different things work for different people though...

Sending my support and hope...


Thank you! Sorry to hear that you have been through the same but great to know that you made progress on your own

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I moved to another country, trauma happened that triggered all childhood and adulthood traumas combined.

The health system was not supportive. Made me worse.

I started reading up on things and realized I had PTSD. I did a lot of research and inner work.

Found private therapist that understands trauma (Peter Levine method called somatic experiencing). It has been helping.

I hope you find someone who really understands trauma...

Thanks! This is exactly what I’ve been struggling with and trauma in another country was what triggered all my previous traumas. I have been through emdr which I just read is a type of somatic experiencing. It helped to some extent but I was told that since I have a complex ptsd I need other types of treatment. I will need to do some research but please let me know if you have some resources to share. Thanks in advance :)

I suggest you go where the support is. Is there a way you can transfer out of Sweden? What are your options?

Unfortunately no options at the moment as I couldn’t find another job. I chose to take this job and move because I thought that an even longer job search would have been too stressful

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Whether they recognise it as PTSD or not they should be giving support. I’m so sorry to hear this is happening. Child abuse is a very definitely a cause of PTSD. It’s terrible for you that you opened all this up but then had to move and are now not getting the help you should get. It’s shocking that the professionals you have seen in country like Sweden have this attitude.

Is there a chance you could get the last psychologist report from previous country and show it to your Doctor in Sweden?

Or maybe they can get some information over on your behalf with their recommended treatment plan ( ie emdr )

Hope you’re able to sort this


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Thank you for the advice and empathy :) ! Yes I have a report from the clinic where I was a patient but apparently nobody I met in Sweden so far is actually interested in reading it... i didn’t expect such a treatment in Sweden either. I will keep on trying though :)

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It’s terrible - I hope someone there listens to you. It sounds very difficult xx

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Thank you for the support ❤️

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