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Great Easter so far not!

Really fed up got a week off work and come away for a few days and seem to have spent first three days sleep inning on and off! Feel exhausted and resentful that my family do notbunderstand how I feel, my hubby does and the kids know mum needs to rest sometimes, but you feel so useless and also so depressed, I am on fluoxetine, thyroxine, vit d supplements and currently norethisterone as have reAlly bad periods and can't deal with it when I am away so delaying it, feel dr has just sort of eft me to get on with it now ave had a specialistst diagnose fibro it's all so hopeless and wasting you life feeling lie this :(((

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It seems as if you have a lovely family there your OH knows you are ill and your children know mum needs to rest... Yes it's hard feeling useless at times when you have things planned and you can't enjoy them ... You mention you feel depressed and are taking fluoxetine... It may be that it doesn't really suit you. It didnt me .. I had to try 4 anti depressants before I found the one that suits me and when you do find one that suits you things certainly seem a lot more manageable. Now you have an official diagnosis after Easter go to your GP and tell him how you feel and that you are depressed, hopefully he will suggest something that suits you better...

Good luck

VG x


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