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After a painful day i have had an even more painful and disturbed night, i look like death warmed up with black circles not an appropriate saying or look when going to funeral today. Oh well will get the make up out. my sister bess (she is a beuatician an got a beauty room0 saw me yesterday and could see with one thing and annother i was at my limit so has booked me in for a facial on friday, she said will do you good just chill out for an hour soft calming music/phone offf lovely so looking forward to that. but back to here and now i dont know how my body would feel if it was actually pain free for an hour or so it is CONSTANT one thing after another. i dont think i can take much more of this .................1 i wrote something out a few days ago my thoughts and how i was feeeling i put on top fibro and me , my partner read it last night and i think it really got to him he really realised what it must be like to have this and it hit him hard he gave me a cuddle and said some lovely things. i think he thinks it is going to go but i told him i doubt that. Any way thats enough of my doom and gloom i am off to funeral later so dont know if i will be back today so hope you all have a wonderful day take care of yourselves love to all Diddle x

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Yep rough. Night for me to this demond won't let go going to the doc this am to sort out a few things blood tests /meds talk about my Rhumo/ visit hope she will help with my meds not doing much now just wish I had one pain free day . So as to ease my day looking after. My 91 years young father .

Hope that all goes well for you today .

Soft hugs ))))) Allan .

Yeah it is a constant round of tablets/Gp /specailist etc and looking after someone else it cant be easy for you even when you feel down you have still got to help someone else. soft hugs to you too Diddle x

oh diddle i hope your isnt too bad ,be thinking of you hun tc love and gentle hugs xxx :-D


Diddle, sounds like you have a lovely partner and sister, i am pleased for you, a day pampering friday will do you good (for a while, but we must grab every moment of relaxation with both hands). sad to here you have funereal today, hope the day is ok. partners always hope its going away. my husband even told his brother only yesterday there is a new drug he is hoping makes me well, just because of an article i showed him. i know he would love this more than anything but after four years i know it is only about pacing and no amount of fore-planing can impact on what will happen from hour to hour let alone day to day. the result we have missed some very special family gatherings. anyway i agree no more moaning, time for meds which do help a bit. hope your day goes as well as it can.

kindest regards

happe x

thankyou for that lovely reply, yes people say to me that you will get better but like you i cant plan the next hour let alone the next week, but hay ho lets hope that one day a wonder drug comes along and you never know it is a good job mnono of us can see the future. have a nice day love to all Diddle x

that was meant to say none think my brain fog is out in force today lol x Diddle x

Sorry dont to make you cry my darlin would not do that for worlsd especially today. yeah it will be ok today funerals never nice but got to go havent you pay your respects and all that. it jus all the getting in out car sitting/standing at crematorium and then travelling back to wake and again sitting/standing for good 2/3 hours then home and collapse after i have fed and walked my little doggy bless him you take care love to all Diddle x

It must be the week for flare ups and feeling like we can't carry on. I've been feeling that way too, you've been my inspiration these past few weeks since I've found this site, with your kind words and advice, so it's really sad to hear you feeling this way.

I hope you are feeling slightly more positive soon and that the dreaded pain/fatigue will soon ease slightly to enable you to carry on.

Gentle hugs xx

I have had many days and nights like this I empathise with you sweetheart I have often thought that life is cruel and feel I cant go on...sending you gentle fibro hugs...I hope you soon feel much better where you wake up a little refreshed and not as much in pain.....there is sometimes light at the end of that long tunnel...roll on summer!!! The summer months are what I look forward too and warmer sunshine! xxxx

Poor're having such a rough time of it. Sounds like you have a wonderful does make things a little easier although i get very upset during flare ups, wondering how on earth mine can put up with me.

Enjoy your pampering on friday x

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