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2017 so far 📆

Once again sleeping at a reasonable time just doesn't seem like a possibility 💭 But I'm sooo tired 💤

Whilst I'd of hoped 2017 would've been a year of moving forward and working hard.. now in march.. it hasn't come to fruition just yet. Looking back at doctors notes I didn't realised this "bad patch" had lasted so long. 2 months now of fatigue, dizziness, headaches and spells of numbness up top 🤤 along with the pain but I think the thing that bothers me the most is feeling so disconnected from my once very focused intellectual mind.

I find it very easy to slip under that black cloud and it rains for almost a few days before I manage to kick myself out of it and start to smile again. Once I start to feel motivated again the next day my body laughs at me "Ha ha, not today Amber, not today" and I fall into the same routine 🌧

Ever since having the physiotherapy session I feel a lot more with it but I'm about 3/5's of the way to my "normal" which now seems like my "old" self.

Will I ever get my buzz back?

Will I feel my drive again?

Where's my mojo gone?

Feeling very lost ☁️

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Oh yeah, you'll get it back. You're in mourning now, but it'll end because it has to, it can't stay too long because it's out of it's season. Just you wait and see. It's not lost and gone forever...just think how lost some people would be if they lost their motivation at your age.


Hi Lamby023

I am so genuinely sorry to read that things have not gone your way so far this year. I sincerely hope that you turn a corner soon and that you achieve everything that you desire too in 2017. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Hi Lamby023 ,

Hopefully when the spring come you to will spring into action im sure that youreally old self is still the just waiting to get out , when the weather is terrible it doesn't help our mood or motive us , fingers crossed for a nice spring and our body's changing with the weather,

Wishing you a pain free day as possible

Loraine x

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I've been a member for 5 years now, and although I don't message very much, I read the fibroaction page religiously! This feeling will most certainly "get better" but, it will take time! You will never feel the same as you once did, but, your attitude and understanding of this relentless burden will become more manageable! Be kind to yourself, and by all means grieve for the person you "were", I still do😢 I'm not going to tell you to "pull yourself together" or "move on" or even "get over it" this illness will beat you down when you try to be strong! It will come up with hundreds of horrible little "gremlins" for you to deal with!😈😈 Look into different meds, natural remedies, and mindfulness! It will be a long journey, but its your journey! Once again my friend, be kind to yourself, and continue to share your load with this amazing place called Fibro action, they are a wonderful, caring,informative organisation that have helped thousands of people in this position!

Much Love, Ninja.xxxxxx💕💕💕


Have you been to a naturopath, I went to one who does herbs and homeopathy and he is amazing. Its well worth the extra money, you get heard and I felt so looked after. I was at the bottom after a heart attack, anxiety, everything, I couldn't even sleep without my daughter next to me. I was in a bad way consumed with anxiety, worried about everything. I was given a lovely calming tea and other herbs supplements etc. It was also linked to my thyroid, lack of vitamins and minerals especially magnesium. For my sleep, in the evening I take a second magnesium malate, have a banana for the potassium, some cheese before bed. I also take a low dose of melatonin, sometimes a valerian and a drop of lavender on my pillow. I make sure I am not too hot in bed and also a cup of green tea in bed. Oh my, I am sleeping the best I have for years. Of course it doesn't apply to everyone but its getting the formula that works for you. I also wear earplugs as there is a drain cover that bangs every time a car goes over it outside my bedroom window and it was just waking me up but not enough to realise what was happening, it was just keeping me from going into a deep sleep. Thank goodness for my naturopath, he listened and had time for me, I trusted him and he helped me through this difficult patch. He was the one that ordered blood tests from the doctor and found my low vitamin and mineral levels, not the doctor. The cardiologist just said I was borderline too low with magnesium but didn't bother to mention it to anyone, it looked normal to the doctor who didn't re-test it. I was also extremely low in zinc, potassium and magnesium when I was tested a few months after the heart attack. I now know it was the stress I had gone through over the last few years, lost my Dad, husband walked out on me etc etc and I wasn't absorbing my nutrients properly. Sorry, this was going to be a quick post but again I ramble on. I hope this helps. I also made myself a folder on everything that helped me with my anxiety and fears of dying, of having another heart attack etc. Its still in my car just in case but I know in my mind that the answer to another anxiety attack is in that folder. I also have some rescue remedy with me but I haven't used it. The end is nigh.


Good luck hope you feel a bit better soon !

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Hi lamby023 :)

Totally know what you mean. Mine has lasted 5 months now and I feel the same as you very lost, fed up and in pain. 😢😢 I over do things if I get a "good day" which are not often and pay for it for the next few days, I won't learn! Wishing you well :)

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Hi Lamby023, so sorry you are feeling so low. I too have been down a hole for last few months, am very slowly improving thanks to starting a mindfulness course. I am doing a ten minute meditation twice a day, the second one in bed last thing at night. It is helping me to relax and not get so upset. There are lots of mindfulness info on the Internet as well as guided meditations. Just a thought, it may help you too. All the best

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