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Thank you all so much!!!!

I just want to say Thank you all so much for your comments and support.

My blogs are so long at the moment as i think it helps us all to understand each others stories.

Although still in a lot of pain (doesnt help i have psoriases and they have really flared up lately due to me being depressed, and now my head is itching soooooo much) but although i dont feel like mixing/talking to people i have managed to do the few dishes, put a load wash in the wah and dryer, and i did pop in my neighbours but she is under so much stress with her grown up kids i didnt stop long. I am ignoring everything else and played some comp games, gonna go for a nap now i have finally eaten something but certainly nowhere near as bad as yesterday.

I am afraid i cant rely on my family at all though.

My son is a typical 21yr old, he buries his head in the sand where peoples illnesses are concerned and he is going away on friday for the weekend.

My youngest daughter, works, looks after her father a lot, has 3 kids, deals with her household and trying to arrange her wedding in June, she lives 150 miles away so cant really help me.

And my eldest is in long term hospital care herself with personality disorders.

I have 7 brothers and 4 sisters and not one will come help me (thye have their own problems etc- their words not mine- we are not a close family) and my parents cant stand me so even if they could they would never be there for me.

But it does help to get it off my chest on here you are right and i do appreciate the fact you all are supportive and dont mind me constantly moaning.

You have become like a big family to me so i do thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Once i have seen my records i am going to try change docs, i cant change surgeries unfortunately as i can only just manage to get to this one the others are so far away and also you have to stay in the catchment areas.

Well im off for my nap.

gentle hugs for everyone.


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oh sweetheart i know where your coming from my mum and dad are elderly but they wouldnt have helped if they were younger, my sister doesnt care, she forgets how much Ive helped her, my own family find it hard to accpet Im ill but are trying their best to be there for me, Ive now got a carer, and hopefully soon get direct payments, its hard to think we re alone, I do hope you can get the support you need, its there if you asked, have you tried social services at all

I hope thinks get better for you


Hi lally,

Thanks for your support. My folks are elderly but even when my son died they wasnt there for me so i have quit trying with family. And i have helped all my family over the years you are right they forget how much i think.I find the best friends i have are the ones that are ill themselves simply because they dont make me feel like a hypochondriac. I tried adult social care and they sent a OT around, she was great put up so many grabrails etc, and i have been considering after i find a sympathetic doctor i am going to call social services again. Just have to cope in the meantime but i want all the professional bodies i see on my side, if that makes sense.

im glad u have a carer.




my goodness you certainly have a lot going on. no wonder your depressed. I too had a really sore itchy scalp - none of the specialist shampoo's the dr gave me made the slightest difference. I found that if I used Argan oil based shampoo (it's expensive, but so worth it and you only need a very small amount) my scalp has been brilliant since using this. No more itching, flaking, lumps, soreness.

I got mine from my hairdressers - but you can also get it from ebay. Might be worth a try.

Gentle hugs, hope you managed a nap xx


Thank you for that info tinks. I have just bought some t-gel and just used it so hopefully that will ease it if not will try what you suggest. It just makes me feel lousy when i scratch my head :)

hugs to you x


Sending you huuuge hugs and hope you manage to get some sleep xxx


aw bless you sorry to hear ofall the troubles with your family etc that s aweul is ther a community centre ofr a help group that you could join or call they may pop round there are 2 ladiesin my road and they have alady go 2 x a week to chat to them jus a friend something it is called they dont know her obviously they areall vetted but they got it through social services so that may be an idea for you they pop round and sit with you have a cuppa and a chat about anything you like they stay hour or two so maybe look into it love to you diddle x


Unfortunately the only support group here is 2 bus rides away for me, i tend to live in a young family orientated street for the most part. My neighbour is great but as i said she has a few probs herself with family at mo plus she has at least 4 grandsons visiting at a time lol, not what i need as lovely as they are.

But I am not so bad today thank you diddle.

Im waiting for the weekend when my son goes away and then i am going to get my neighbour to make my carrot cake lol.That will make me smile. Like you i adore it, trouble is so does my son (although he hates carrots so go figure lol) so i never get any when he is around.

hugs xx


Hi Kia, glad you are feeling a little better today. Just look forward to your weekend and that carrot cake. Take care, xx


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