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Good Afternoon, How's everybody doing...

Well i am sure by now those of you who have followed my blogs will know my morning routine from getting out of bed to sorting out breakfast,sandwiches and drinks for my wife and daughter, That takes me from 6:50am upto about 8:10am, then its coffee time... Well it would have been if i didnt have to take my daughter to SpecSavers to sort out her glasses at 3pm.

I ask has she got her glasses case and the reply that you would expect for your darling 14yr old girl was " NO I HAVE LOST IT ". she also said it could be in her room, so i sent her off to school and said i would have a look... THAT WAS A BIG MISTAKE, i take my coffee and make my way up the stairs to her bedroom, as i walk in i took one look and a very sad look came acrose my face, it was like looking into No mans land,it just looked like a bomb had gone off LOL :)

I beging to look for the glasses case remembering that they are not the biggest thing in the world to look for, i look in the usual places, desk top,bed side cabinet, and down the side and underneth the bed, this involved having to move the bed, i get on my hands and knees not the easiest of jobs to do with fibro. After 20mins of searching around the room and still not finding the case, my phone beeps, its my darling daughter texting me to have a look in the boxes that are stacked in the corner of the room, these are not just cadboard boxes, they are very fancy,posh decorated boxes, So i open the first box, No glasses case, i open the second box and there it is, YAY I FOUND IT, one glasses case staring at me :)

I took the case downstairs on put it on the fire place so i knew where it was, Next job was to go outside to my caravan that i am selling on Ebay to take some photos of the Chassis as requested by sombody who is thinking of bidding, HO DEEP JOY once again down on my hands and knees to take the photos, A few photos later it was back into the house to download the pics and get them up on Ebay, at this point my arms,knees,back and legs are killing me :X once i get the photos up on Ebay its time for another cup of coffee and a rest on the sofa wathing a bit ov TV, So i switch on to watch homes under the hammer ( yeh yeh ok so i am a sad git ) LOL, that takes me upto 10:30am and i still have more to do, But that will be another story..............................

( Only if you realy want to hear about the rst of my day ) HAHAHAHA :P :d

Hope you are not getting bored of reading my blogs :)


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I love your blogs chorley. :)

So keep them comming pretty please. :)

kel xxxxx


Hi Jazher. Thanks i will try :)


Lol i just find it amusing that you can write so much and talk so much more than i can! heheheh now that does take some doing i will say that.. I do type as i speak, although i cannot remember ,.:; and all that jazz anymore xx


Hi fairycazzie :)

It takes me a long time to write a blog as i need to remember what happens during the day, so i just add bits to word as the day goes on then write a story with what i have LOL :)


Love your stories chorley they always make me smile :) lots you are so funny you should be on stage lol you enjoy weekend love to you and yours Diddle x


Hi Chorley, your blogs are classic, they put a smile on my face. ;)


Hi Chorls, better late than never today. :) I've been busy all day and I'm trying to catch up on all the posts. My son and granddaughter turned up tonight so I won't get the chance to be on here much till Sunday when they've gone back.


Keep blogging Chorley it keeps me amused


Hi Chorley, keep the comments coming, they are some light relief in a dark world!. It also takes me hours to come around in the morning, I dont feel like a human being until I have had at least 2/3 cuppas and a handful of tablets whilst watching Jeremy Kyle xx


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