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Vitamin D what a revelation


Hey all hope you're all okay. After 4 days of utter despondency I'm feeling better. I went to see a rheumatologist 4wks ago he took loads of blood, it showed a low vitamin D level it should be 50 - 70 mine was 23. My gp gave me vitamin D caps. I googled my symptoms as you do & was shocked, for over 2 years I've had head sweats & problems with my BP, guess what they are symptoms of low vitamin D. After 7days of taking vitamin D the last 5days not one sweaty fatigue not as bad pain in leg muscles gone but still bad shoulders & arms, but hey every little bit of relief helps. What I'm more shocked About is what low vitamin D level & the problems it can cause. So if someone said to me should they have a blood test I'd say go for it what do you have to loose & if you have to take vitamin D there is side effects that has to be a plus. Take care all God bless. Ps I hope this makes sense

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I was just the same.....couldn't believe it Vit d so low....Have been on supplement now for 6 weeks and truly cannot say I feel any different from before....I also was gob smacked when I read the symptoms of low Vit similar to Fibro....We all react differently to our meds so please don't feel despondent that I haven't improved they may well help to ease things for you.....Hope it works...xx

I was started on vit d 4 weeks ago, as yet i havent noticed any difference but i was told i had to get my blood checked again in the next week as it can cause problems with calcium level in blood. Have you been told to do this?

Jackjac1 in reply to weathervane

Hey yes I have I go for another blood test on Monday xx

Hi my doctor mentioned taking vitamin D as a supplement, does anyone know what the starting dose is, i don't want to take too high a dose gentle hugs rosie xx

Jackjac1 in reply to rosie-2015

Hey rosie I've had to take Hux D 3 20000 in for 5days then 3per month but my daughter has a much lesser dose but more often I think it depends on your gp. I think rosie if you go to your health shop they will advise you. Take care God bless x

I was the same as you dose wise but every day and no reduction , I had nearly lost all my hair but it's so thick now , bit thin at front still but I have hopes it will all come back given time , my bloods are really good now and my GP was going to Reduce but I have convinced him to let me stay on the same does and am now taking calcium tablets ! As I find I can't eat yogurts any more but can tolerate cheese so will wait and see how things progress xx

Well it certainly helped me with my sweaty head I have thick hair but it's wet all the time when I went out it wasn't a case of have I got my keys, purse, phone my concern was have I got my cloth haha. I'm glad you have beautiful head of hair. Take care God bless x

10ug well that's what I was told.

I've been on calcium and vit D tabs for years for osteoporosis don't know if it makes a difference to the fybro, maybe

Thank you jackjac1 I appreciate you getting back to me i will ask at the health shop lol i nearly slipped up and named names , my doctor thought that a low dose wouldn't do me any harm and with me hardly leaving the house it should do me some good take care gentle hugs rosie xx

It's amazing isn't it ! I nearly have a full head of head ! The head sweats have gone , I have only got a small patch at the front I can't cover up it's amazing the difference , good luck . Xxx

Ive been supplementing vitD for a couple of years and last blood test it still showed low @ 42 range 50-70. I don't notice a difference but this may be because I am not on a high enough dose (gp not listening again). I also was advised on another community here that vitD should be taken with vitK2 as this helps the vitD absorb calcium to the bones and teeth and not arteries. Doctors don't mention this so not sure if it is known by them.

Hi I have low vit d also. I also have low magnesium. I have supplements I need to start taking.

Hi Jackjac1

I really am so genuinely delighted to read what a difference taking your Vitamin D has done for you and I want to sincerely wish you continued success with this. I have been taking Vitamin D supplements on prescription for many years as I have Osteoporosis but they have done very little for me. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Yes my Vit D was low

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