Have you got a Fibro Friendly Doctor ?

Finding a Fibro friendly Doctor sometimes has it's ups and downs and I am sure many of you may have experienced. As have I , on several occasions !

So why not let others living with Fibromyalgia know if you have found a Fibro Friendly Doctor by emailing info@fibroaction.org with information of these understanding Doctors.

FibroAction can add them to the listings for others visiting the site to check for Doctors in their area.


Need advice about discussing Fibromyalgia & it's symptoms with your current GP ?

FibroAction has information on the website that may be of help , link below


Why not look at all the articles about Becoming an expert patient ?

They are full of helpful advice.


I look forward to hopefully hearing about some Fibro Friendly Doctors in your area !

Maybe ?!!!

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  • Can I brag.... I have a fibro friendly surgery of 6 GPS all of whom if my own GP is unavailable are happy to see me staggering in .... AGAIN

    VGx.....now how to email it.........

  • That is great to hear VG ! Look forward to your emails about them !

    How are you doing? I see you may all be travelling off somewhere nice leaving Fibro rubbish bags behind you... sounds great !! Any room in the suitcase for me?

  • You can have a seat...and be most welcome . I couldn't possibly reveal what is my suitcase :).... Well I could but then all the others members would find out what I have nicked.... Erm I mean borrowed off them....

    VG :D

  • I have a fibrofriendly doctor. in fact in the surgery I go to there are 2 doctors who understand fibro. They don't all though. So I try to stick to the 2 that do. Most of my appointments are fibro related, if it isnt then I will see any doc who is on duty.

  • i have a fabulous practice my GP has been my GP for 25 years . I walk in and he knows just from seeing me how I am even before i open my mouth to speak. Nothing is ever too much trouble, he never rushes and I feel very fortunate to have him x

  • Thank You for all the comments & emails so far, your time and help is much appreciated.

    If you would like to recommend a healthcare professional or clinic, please contact us info@fibroaction.org with their name and address, along with a short patient testimonial

    I hope we will continue to get good responses. As adding these Doctors to the listings will provide others living with Fibromyalgia much needed information on Fibro Friendly Doctor/s.

    Keep those emails coming everyone!!

  • ThaT would be a fantastic ideia maybe it could help all of us that don't have a doctot we can trust and we all know how debilitating and frustrating tha can be..... We Need more than having a gp picking up in a pen and a piece of paper and prescribed co codamol every time we go there.... ThankS For the great ideia - I live in essex - are there any other doctors. Aroun here that understand how bad we feel? Love u all xxx

  • I live in whitchurch shropshire and am on the verge of changing my GP she is becoming less than sympathetic I no longer feel at ease seeing her so if anyone is in my area advise most welcome - thank you x

  • I live in whitchurch shropshire and am on the verge of changing my GP she is becoming less than sympathetic I no longer feel at ease seeing her so if anyone is in my area advise most welcome - thank you x

  • I have a great doctor too,Infact she is in the surgery in the next town but I am just still in their catchment area. She even started up a support group which has been great. Will email details.

  • Having fibro - arthritis - degeneration of spine and neck over many years I have like many of you - you have also adjust your lives, Thing is it becomes normal! It was not until an old friend commented on this it made me look back on my life hmmmm. Yet when it comes to going to doc it is to the point that I seem to forget the cannot do's. Wow I entertained - lovely - now I can only cook for myself some of the time as to entertain the pots are too heavy to lift plus the pains and tiredness take over and I finished up in bed for a week to get over it. This is just one example another is would never go out without make-up on and dress well - now I do not care. How about when we do not answer the phone and do not want to talk to anyone. No I will not carry on just would like to know if yourselves forget to tell doc so many things that have affected your life yet not mentioned it because you have done this for so long it becomes normal!!!!!!

  • Hi circuitrunner, I agree with what you say about forgeting what we all USE to do and what we don't now? It got me thinking about how far I've detereated over the last 15 years and I am thinking of writing down a list of what I can't do anymore, and related things, BUT, am I setting myself up for a depressive plunge by doing this exercise? What does anyone think I should do, or has anyone done something similar I would love to have your feedback, good or bad. Oh and yes I do come from the Dr.s and think about things I should have mentioned and DON'T all because they are NOW classed as normal and get left behind. This reply has taken me ages to write as I keep nodding off and have to read it again before I continue!!! and the problems go on. Anyway, good morning to everyone, as I now will have to go to bed, even my bedtime at this time is the 'Norm'???

  • Hi Sueats thanks for your reply 'I am not alone with this lol' Must admit it does not make me depressed gee the depression is their anyway with all of us. Just thankfull in my earlier years I did manage to fit a lot into my life - this in itself helps. It is the elder ones like myself who say' if i did not have this I would do this and that when asked what did you do before seems they had not much at all' No I am not bragging in anyway just proves try and do as much as you can before you any future sickness tag attached to you. I awoke 7 o'clock this morning then kept nodding off eventually entered our world 11.30. So thankful I do not have children to look after - just myself - this helps a lot. Daughter in Israel son in London - thank goodness for computers. For the last 17 years have only been able to watch my daughters children grow up by photographs and speaking to them. So in many ways I see the plus side if this happened to me 50 years ago it would not have been possible.

  • I wish I had a fibro freindly doctor. I am nearly 42, and have seen soooo many doctors... i've had fibro since my early teens. I had one doctor, many years ago who diagnosed me properly.. but i have sinced moved to a different state. Took me years and years to find just one.. now I don't have any in my area that I can find. I live in a country town too... which dosent help.

    I have gotten to the point that I don't even bother anymore. I just go to the doc's to get my scripts, say what they want to hear. Thats it. I have given up on proper help a long time ago. The only person in my life who understands and takes care of me, is my husband. He is also my full time carer. I feel for him so very much. I wish he didn't have to see me like this day in and day out. Always something. I hate this disease. I hate why I got it. I hate that there is no help out there for me in my area. I never used to 'hate' anything. That word was never used in my vocabulary. I'm in a flare.. a big one.. maybe why i'm using that word now.

    I can't wait until fibro is taken seriously enough for the 'powers that be' fund research and have clinics for it. If they do.. I wish it was sooner rather than later.. for all of us, including our carer's.

    there is no way out at this point. I'm only human.. and I can't constantly 'keep my chin up'.

    I am so grateful to my husband David. He is everything to me... nothing else matters.

    I know, that if he wasn't in my life, I would not be here by now. Pure Angel Heart he is.

    I hope that more people with fibro find a great doctor. It is what we all need too.

    I'm in Australia... but have found coming here to this site so helpful over the time.. it helps me to feel a bit 'normal'.

    Thank you everyone.


  • I am really very very blessed to have a doctor who completely understands fibro and its related problems. I wish I could bottle his knowledge and understanding and dole it out to so many people here who do have to battle so hard to get any form of understanding. Foggy

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