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What a week ahead!!!!

Hi just popped on here and caught up a bit... thank you all for your support this last few months.

Next week I have to go to hospital on Monday and have a colonoscopy and Biopsy , anesthetic ( thank god even though I won't be completely under.) Then Tuesday I have to go for hydro if I am well enough. Wed Dr for blood results and Xray . and Thursday Rheumatology...then Friday Physio..." and breath " Then following week I go to see the Orthopedic surgeon about my knee,s and still have had no one to one physio for my heavy leg,which now is Legs !

In amongst all that I have to fit in an OT visit,visit my Mum in a home,get a quote for a wet room, ( again we will have to fit the bill as 18 months wait for the council to help us!

Phew wonder if I will have time to chat on here ? if not I will catch up asap. :-)

Hugs to you all ((((((((((((((((((((( ;-) ))))))))))))))))))))))))

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Phew rainbow that's would be enough to wear out a physically fit person.... Good luck with it all and am thinking of you, just get back when you can we will all be here waiting

VG x


Crikey, Rainbow! Sounds like it would be easier to get a job on a building site!

Moffy x


hi Rainbow i have had mondays treat under mild sedation , i was fine and able to carry on as " normal " after a cuople of hours, i have had the tube down the throat too, oh the joys we go thro

I can't see much time for pacing next week lol

take care , hope all goes ok xx


I have had both "treats " at some time the problem at the moment is I am so ill ,but I need it done as I have been bleeding and in pain since nov; I cant lift my legs and so unable to walk. They also said OH cannot go in with me to help me undress. At the moment he has to dress me and undress me,he lifts my legs onto my bed as I cant do it. And ontop of all that I have low platelets,so my blood doesn't clot very well.

Sorry to be so explicit x lol

Gentle hugs x x


Hope all goes well for you x


Goodness that's worn me out just reading it :) x


Thanks every one for your support,I am scared of tomorrow as they hurt me so much! APPOINTMENTS ARE LIKE BUSES FOR ME AT THE MOMENT....NOTHING THEN A LOAD COME ALL AT ONCE X X

Sorry just looked up and saw caps was on,too tired to retype x x

Hugs to all x



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