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p.i.p assessment today

I have waited 9 months for this day so why do I feel like this . I am so stressed and keep crying , I asked ATOS for a home visit as I struggle to walk even with 2 crurches, but they are making me go all the way to Liverpool , I was diagnosed with FM and AS 13 months ago and I also have OA . I asked my rheumy for a letter confurming my diagnosis , he said he would send me one , well I haven't got it so all I have is a letter from my physio, is that enough ? and what else should i take ? I am going to be out of my house from 2 oclock till about 7 ,such a long way to go , please help one stressed out wreck any advice will be truly grateful thank you, special soft hugs to you all xxx sue xxx

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Hi there don't worry to much go in with how you are take care to not rush yourself to much in case you damage anything and be yourself to be honest with you if you struggle that much im sure it wont be difficult to tell them how it affects you and with any medical confirmations or address.. its about all you can do . Please take someone with you for support too if you can it might help to ease your nerves. You could explain you have been waiting for this letter but haven't received it yet . They are interested in how often your bad days are if like me I just get a better day I don't have good days at all now. When I was at my tribunal they say its a tough criteria now so understand how your feel but remember its there made available for us to claim and it isn't a crime to need to so head up and just be honest with them if there's anything that would do you harm to do even in the long run then explain to them why you'd rather not. hope this helps and good luck on your claim. xx


So sorry to here you feel so stressed. I have not had a pip assessment i am still waiting to here anything, but i did go through an appeal for dla, and i felt exactly the same.

I know that when you go for an assessment they are taking note of everything you do or dont do from how you got there to if you use the lift take your time, do not be rushed or attempt to keep up with the assessor. When asked if you can do something, explain uou cannot do it repeatedly or without pain, keep telling them this everytime it applies. Do nottry to do anything physical that they request if it will hurt you. Tell them how difficult and exhausting the journey was right at the beginning when they ask how you are today, tell them exactly how upset and anxiuoss the whole ordeal is making you. You have to make them understand how difficult life is as they have no idea, dont just say yes or no, explain.always give more information than they request so they get a good look at your situation. And all the very best of luck.


Thank you Royal for your reply my daughter is coming with me as she is the one who does nearly everything for me e.g my ironing , washing my hair and lots of other things , I have calmed down a bit now but its such a long way to go and I am relying on a sat nav to get me there , thank you once again gentle hugs sue xx


thank you shazzy its so hard to explain this illness to anybody even my husband seems not interested that's why he not coming with me. I shouldn't really be mean as he is ill himself with chronic depression , but he looks at me vacant, my daughter is my rock she,s the only one I feel understands,im just dreading the journey , hate having to drive when I don't no where im going , thanks again shazzy for your help gentle hugs sue xx


I was also so stressed when the PIP day arrived, i waited for 8months.

I cant believe that they are making you travel so far these people click there fingers and we have to do whatever they say.

I took my tablets any letters for hospital appointments and tell them if your medication has changed since you sent your application off.

Please remember to focus on your bad days, lol not that we get many good days.

They are only looking at what you can do so remember to answer the questions with why you cant do it.

They ask me if i cooked? i said that i do try and cook a couple of real meals a week but i find it difficult as preparing the veg as my hands hurts i also find it difficult standing at the sink as i get pain in my neck and lower back, i also said that i have rest in between cooking due to the pain so cooking a meal can take all day to prepare and sometimes by the time i've actually cooked it i'm to tired to eat it so it becomes tomorrows dinner.

This really is true to me so remember to stick to the truth and just be yourself.

They also tried to trick me, he asked me to remember 3 objects and he'd asked me to repeat them later' then moved on to the something else. Well lol we know with fibro fog it's difficult to remember if we've left the bath on or what we've gone upstairs for.

Sorry for the long message, big hugs and GOOD LUCK..

I got 10 points which was really brilliant but my doctor has said i need to ask for them to look at it again and she'll help with letters if i need it. love viv xxxx


thank you Bren you sound as bad as me lol ive just washed a few pots and feel like ive run a marathon lol im going tp lie on bed for a bit before I go , I cant believe they making me go so far but I have to go cos who knows how much longer I would have to wait, think ive waited long enough. how many points do you need to get to be able to get full motobility ? big hugs Bren and thank you xx sue xxx


Hope everything is going as well as it can, sorry it took so long to reply but like most weeks had another hospital appointment..

I'm not sure about all the points but i can look it up for you later..

kind hug xxx


Hi skippy1958

I am a little replying to you, but I genuinely hope that it went really well for you today? I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


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