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What can I expect now, I got an appointment with a Rheumatologist?


Hello all

I want to thank all the lovely people on here for the help and advice that I have been given since I first came on here on Monday this week. I have been messed around by doctors for months and was being passed from one dept to another and was getting nowhere. I was adviced by members on here to write down all my symptoms and how I'm affected by them, then take these to my GP and ask for a referal to a rheumatologist , after battling with the militant receptionists all week just to get to see my GP, I eventually had to settle for a doctor I hadn't seen before and it was the best thing that could have happened! I walked into her room handed her my 'list' she read it for a good few minutes, I didn't even have to say anything, she said "Have you heard of fibromyalgia?" at which point I burst in to tears! At last I finally feel like someone is listening! She hasn't said it is defifnitely FM she isn't qualified to do that, but, she says that is the most likely cause of my symptoms and she got me an appointment with a rheumatologist while is was sat in the room with her! If it hadnt been for my new friends here giving me the push I needed to put my foot down with my GP and demand that they did something, goodness knows how long they would have dragged their feet and I would still not know what the heck is wrong with me! For the first time in ages I feel as though the medical people actually care! I couldn't have done it without the support and encouragement I have had from here so I thank you all. xxx

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That's great news! Not that you have Fibromyalgia but you have had an appointment with a GP who paid attention to you. She took you seriously and doing the referral while you were with her shows she wants to help. I hope the Rheumy is equally good and you get the diagnosis and support you deserve.




That's great news that you saw a new GP. It often works that way.

Good luck with your Rheumatology appointment.

Let us all know how you get on.


Coz x

Well done stockpile so now things will start to happen hope your ending isgood

Best luck

X gin

Thanks everyone, hopefully this will be the start of me finally getting some answers, its such a relief to know that the GP didnt dismiss me like the rest of them have recently, thanks again, for the advice and support, I dont think I would have had the strength to do it without the help I had from the wonderful folk on here, so thank you all xxx

You asked what to expect well a full examination which should confirm Fibro, possibly a x ray and probably some blood -test the objective is to rule out what you dont have -t

My rheumy was very thorough.


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Thanks Gins

I have had quite a lot of things ruled out since march according to the GP I saw yesterday, she said in my notes that I had been tested for problems with my thyroid, liver disease and also, because I have had brain scan they can rule ou Multiple sclerosis, I have also had tests done for my balance(or lack of it!) by the vestibular team, I think its more to do with ears, but they couldn't find anything that would cause me to be dizzy and have the headaches that I am having. Anyway, I will have to wait and see, I'm just so relieved that I found a GP who actually wants to help and didn't make me feel like I'm a nuisance!

Thank you for the info and your support, ist much apprecaited.

Snickypoo xxx

Try vitamin b12, helped my balance !

Thanks, I will have to give this a try! I'm not sure but I think you can get vitamin B12 from marmite! Guess what I'm having on my toats from now on? Yum/Yuk!

Thanks again x


Hello Snickypoo,

Here is some information from the FibroAction website which may be of help too


Emma :)

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Thanks Emma

I will have a read of this,

Thankyou very much for your help xxx

Hi snickypoo, so pleased you areat last going to get the help you deserve, do keep us all in the picture as to how things go or you, good luck with rheumy appt, gentle hugs for you....Dee xx

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Thanks Dee

I'm relieved to finally have a doctor with a sympathetic ear. I will let you know how I go on.

Thanks for caring xxx


Hi snickypoo! chuckle chuckle, once again sorry LOLOL

That is fantastic news and hopefully you shall soon be steered towards the care and help you need and are entitled to. So many of us on here have been in your shoes and the frustration of not knowing is the worst part, I think anyway! ;)

As the others have pointed out the rheumy will perform a tender point test of which there are 18, information can be found on the link that emma has given you ;)

Anyhoo! so glad for you hun :)

While I'm here would you be requiring any fluffies for your nest building?

or giggling fluffies (see latest my post)

xxxzebxxx huge fluffy cuddle hugs :)

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Hi Zeb!

Do you think it's my usename that's given your fluffies the giggles?! Hehehe! Thanks for your info, that tender-point exam sounds painful! Yesterday at the doctors, I had to have a blood test done, when the nurse had finished she did the usual pressing down cotton wool to stop the bleeding, well I felt like a right mardy b-m, it was really painful! Felt like electric shosks right up to my finger ends, it has never happened like that before and I've had 100's blood test's, I did't think anything of it until I looked at the link that Emma had posted on here and I noticed that one of the tenter points are in that area, I wonder if the nurse inadvertantly(big word alert!) pressed on it while stopping my arm from bleeding? I dont know but it was very painful!

Thanks very much for your support and for your fluffies, I would definitely appreciate a few extra to wrap myself in at the moment, this cold weather is wreaking havoc and causing extra pain and I'm certain a giggling fluffy or two can only help!

Thanks againg for your advice.

snickypoo xxx

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Aw! Of course some soothing lavender and ylang ylang fluffies I think xx

I hate blood test for that very same reason it hurts like 'L' The sensations of the needle makes me feel physically sick. My practise nurse is lovely and very understanding thankfully :) I always bruise quite badly too :(

xxxzebxxx giggling is good rleases happy endorphins ;)

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