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Here it is Merry Christmas.....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XXXXXXX

Well I have been on here a few times ranting about the way Atos treat people and I still say it is being done in the wrong way and caused me stress near breaking point this year........................BUT I won all round. After 15 yrs I finally got DLA as well as being put in the support group for ESA. I feel like Santa came early.....first thing I did was put my heating on.......Yeah warmth.........and I am going to have a nice hot bath.....Yeah...x I really cannot say how shocked I was when I got my mail today...the only good letter I have had all year. I am now hoping that the Physio I am having can release some of the pain in my upper body - it has been ssssssssoooooooo painful this last few months I can barely lift my arms ...maybe the pain showed in my face this time. Good luck to anyone else who is waiting for their letter I do hope everyones' fight ends as well as mine has. Do not give up has taken all year...a lot of doctors appointments & driven me to my wits end with worry. Two Atos interviews , one tribunal.....Finally getting counselling from the mental health team a thank you thank you thank you to the lady at CAB...she soooo was an to allxxxxxxxxxxxxhugsxx& Christmas wishes to everyone....xxxx

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Hi I am delighted for you, keep warm, take a deep breath and R.E.L.A.X

Happy Hugs x x


That's good news Hobbling, well done! :) xxx


Congratulations. It is good to hear some uplifting news. Sounds like you've had an awful year so now you can relax and hopefully enjoy Christmas.

Love and hugs Saskia XX


wonderful! and thanks for sharing.




At last well done Hobblin hopefully the start of better times xx


well done - now maybe the stress and pain will reduce - have a great Xmas - thanks for sharing your journey


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