What exercise do you take?

I've just been given the "all clear" to join the local gym, so have been in to make the appointment for my induction (which I'm going to have to change as I forgot about a meeting at my daughter's school, silly fibro fog!). I'm so excited to lose weight and get fit and have some fun!! I'd love to know what works for others and if you have any idea if there are particular exercies I should steer clear of. I've been told no rowing machine because of my back, and I'm waiting on physio for my back, neck, legs and feet.

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  • My best piece of advice would be to take it slowly - small weights/length of time etc. to start with because you never know how you're going to feel the next day. Don't compare yourself to others in the gym and recognise when you've reached your limit for the day.

  • Hi there, I'm pleased you've got the all clear to join the gym, my advice would be to take it very slowly to start with and listen hard to your body, if it's saying stop, then stop, don't do what people who don't have Fibro do, and push through "the burn".

    As you have back problems I would be extremely cautious about weights and also twisting of any sort. Good luck, I hope it helps you but do please listen to what your body is telling you :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi,

    I swim when I can , walk when I can . Start off very slowly is my best advice.



  • I too walk as much as I can and am longing to get back in the pool. I'm waiting for another shoulder replacement, which if it's as good as the other one, then I will be back in the pool asap. I think swimming is so good because it supports you. A very good "work out" is just walking through the water in the shallow end of the pool - it is safe resistance training :-)

    Foggy x

  • Thanks all for your input.

    I already do a lot of walking (don't drive) and will definitely just be going at my own pace. Walking through the pool is a great idea, I can get a membership with unlimited gym and pool use so may well go for that. Can't swim too well because of shoulder issues (supraspinatus calcification) but am keen to give it a go. Used to be such a water baby and I miss it! We often take our kids swimming but would be nice to have some time in the pool just for me. :)

  • Is your coordination and balance ok for cycling? Like swimming it's non weight bearing and can be done at your own pace. I wish I could afford swimming. I'm also very lucky that when I don't feel so good there's 6 miles level traffic free cycling straight from home. I do find however that my upper arms hurt after a while.

  • I think so - haven't tried cycling for many years! Don't have a bicycle, and live in an extremely hilly area, so it would be stationary bike at the gym only for me! Not sure if my back would cope with it, but will give it a go before I make that decision :)

  • I had a discussion with my occupational therapist last week and although I could not handle a gym I will start to go swimming but take it slowly. I need to find my costume as I told her that when I see her next time which is about 3 weeks I will have already started it and give her an update. can I find my costume !!! NO serious search needed in between trying to fill in my DLA re-application as it runs out 1st week of May. I do not like the weight I have put on and need to loose it.

    good luck


  • I've tried walking but am in too much pain to walk more than 5mins. Swimming I can only do 2-3 short widths so not worth the cost of entry to the pool. Tried gentle thai chi and last 5 mins and was then laid up in bed in agony for days.

    I have however found that horse riding side saddle for me is great, we've decided it must be a combination of the warm horse warming my muscles & the therapeutic benefits of being around horses.

    I think the point I'm getting to is that it's trial and error to find the right thing for each of us. Just take it slowly to start with and if one thing doesn't work, try something else x

  • I will definitely be taking it easy. With young kids to care for I can't be using up all my energy on working out, I need to have some left over for them. I know there will be days and possibly weeks when I simpy can't make it, so I will probably go for the "10 session pass" rather than a monthly fee, which is really only cost effective if you go 3 times a week every week. Thanks so much to everyone for telling me what has worked for you.

    agtf1, I wouldn't be confident going on a horse at all! But yes, they are amazing animals. I think most animals are therapeutic to be around, because they seem to sense our pain and are completely non-judgemental, so it's refreshing.

  • I find pilate and yoga very good and they offer classes at my local gym. If you talk with the person running the class they will give you special adaptations to suit you during the class - for example, they might give the rest of the class 10 moves but they will tell you to only do 2. Also be aware if you have hypermobility as some yoga moves are contraindicated, but the simple meditative practices are useful and help cope with pain, also I find yoga helps me to improve my posture which also helps with pain. Cycling is also good, most gyms have a cycle and you can cycle slowly at first and build it up over the months. Also they might be able to give you some simple sitting exercises - raising legs on at a time for example - that you can carry on at home every day. They can also give stretch exercises that you can do at home, very good for pain as stretching muscles prevents trigger points from developing. I don't know if they have a pool or a jacuzzi or heat room, but if they do it is good to go into a warm room afterwards which helps with the recovery of the muscles.

  • ps I think you have a very positive attitude and I am sure this attitude will help. I have found going to a gym very useful, if you have a three month membership/or longer I find it is most useful because you can do a little several times each week, say 15 minutes 4 times a week and build it up, whereas if you pay for each session you feel you have to get your money's worth out of it one session and you might do too much and pay the price. If they don't have any heat/water facilities at the gym, set aside time meditation or a hot shower or bath when you get back because it aids muscle recovery. Good luck! hugs x

  • Thanks Jjudith, yes, I do have hypermobility too, hadn't even thought of the contraindications of that! They do have a heated pool, and they also have a sauna/health suite, but the cost is prohibitive to me. If I get a membership, which I'm still not sure I will do, but your reasons for going that way are completely valid, and I know I would want to "get my money's worth", then it would have to be for either gym and pool or gym and health suite (sauna, jacuzzi etc) as I can really only barely afford the basic membership, and it's quite a bit extra to go for both.

    Hmm... my induction is tomorrow morning, I guess I'll have to make up my mind by then. I'll see how I go at the induction before making my final decision, as I'm still not sure I'll feel comfortable at all there, but I'm willing to suffer the humiliation of trying! After all, if I don't try I'll never know.

    Was out trying to buy work out clothes today, that was horrid. :( I'm feeling so nervous about it. I haven't told my husband I'm doing this, I'm hoping that a bit of weight loss will be a pleasant surprise for him, haha!

    I'll be looking into the yoga/pilates classes, but I suspect that will be outwith my budget.

  • Yes our gym is really good, they charge for the hours you use rather than the facilities you use, if you have a 9-2 membership 5 days a week you can use the gym, go to all of the classes available during that time and use the heat rooms and pool, all for under £25 a month. I know cost is a big issue when you aren't able to work - maybe if you talk to the people in the gym and say that you have fibro and if they could do a special package for people with disabilities you could recommend it to others - you might get a special deal, its always worth trying, they are really open to good ideas at our gym - it did win a prize for being the best in UK a couple of years ago but for them listening and responding really works, they are always busy despite a rural situation. Hope you get on ok, loose a big of weight, maybe find something that helps with the pain - you can always go back home and have a soak in the bath or a hot shower to help your muscles recover. Hugs x

  • Well, that wasn't as bad as I thought it could have been!

    I decided to go for the 10 session pass after all, and I've signed up for a pilates class on monday. That means that even if I go to the gym just once or twice a week, combined with the pilates class, that should benefit me.

    It's a council gym, so I'm not sure they'd be open to any suggestions! And as I'm not on any disability or anything like that, I'm not sure I'd get any benefit in telling them about the fibro. I did mention my AS but only because I thought it was relevant to which machines I would be using.

    I put my phorpain cream on my back and ankles before I went in, I'm sure that helped!

    I did come home and have a super hot shower, it was lovely.

    I felt really energised and less stiff than I have in ages, afterwards.

    I think it's starting to catch up with me now though as my ankles, knees and hips are really sore, and I'm just about ready for my bed!!

    oh well, best get on with cooking tea then. chicken and vegetable korma tonight, with saag aloo and poppadum.

  • Hopefully the ache will go. Isn't bringing up kids exercise enough anyway? :P

  • Well, I wish it were! *looks at self* nope, it isn't, though.

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