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This was too big for a question....... are choking fits a part of Fibro ?

Hi been off here for a few days as not been too good......hope you all stay safe and dry in this bad weather :-)

I just wanted to ask does anyone have coughing fits?

When I am emotional or eat some thing soft or hard at times I inhale and find I have got food stuck in my throat....and I have a massive coughing fit which then sets off my muscle spasms! I have even done this with nothing in my mouth,and it is like a hoop...... My Dr just says "you need a reflex to make you cough" ...Er!! I don't need one that almost chokes me ! Then he said "the muscles in my throat are weak too you know,when you have Fibro and CFS ! " :-(

Seems like everything that happenes to us some Dr's just say " Oh its your fibro! "

After being really bad this week after my physio,I went to the Dr and a new Dr saw me and he was so understanding ...checked me all over..had the vampire nurse take 5 vials of blood and done tests right across the board....and wants to see me next that was a bonus after feeling so poorly. :-)

I was only going to ask the question and then thought maybe its best to put this in a blog!

Keep dry warm and safe everyone...Gentle ((((((((((Hugs))))))))))

Rainbow x x x

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Yes some times it feels like it's stuck in your throat

and often get a sore throat



I am not sure if coughing fits per se are a symptom of having Fibromyalgia, however coughing itself is quite common.

We had a discussion about coughing, reflux etc fairly recently, to see the comments, please click on the link below -


If you are having coughing fits, I would get this checked out with your GP to check that it isn't something else causing this. It's always best to mention these to reassure ourselves, to get the correct treatment and to rule anything else out.

Hope this helps. :) (((hug))) xxx


Thanks Liberty I have spoken to my Dr about this it does worry me as it has been going on for nearly two years and 15 years ago I had a throat cancer scare...but it had been sorted,you would think that alone would make him see I need to be seen by ent. The problem is our Dr's say lets get you walking again and your knees done as you have enough to deal with at the moment. I think well if it is serious and I wait that long it could be too late I do not know who to turn to any more x


My pleasure Rainbow. I honestly think if the coughing concerns you and it clearly and justifiably does, you need to get this checked out. It is important. If it is caused by anything else you need treatment for this. As Emma mentions below, it could relate to Sjogren's Syndrome, perhaps you could mention your concerns over this to your GP for their comments on this.

The situation is that you are concerned about all of your symptoms and the coughing is as relevant as anything else.

I know it's hard, but try to push for this to get checked out. Sometimes we do have lots of things going on, lots of tests, but if it makes our lives just that little bit better and easier to manage, it's all worth it.

Please let us know how you get on with this, we are with you all the way and will help and support you in any way we can.

(((hug))) xxx


Thank you so much x x x I am seeing my new Dr on Monday week for test results i will ask him x


Hi Rainbow Dancer,

I experience problem swallowing food on occasion also. I would like to mention that some people with Fibromyalgia (as reported on the internet) can experience Sjogrens Syndrome, link below.

This may not be what you are experiencing as you are without a medical diagnosis at present. However, I thought it was interesting to post for reference only.

I would speak to your GP again if you continue to experience the symptoms you are explaining.

All the best



Thanks I did look this up and the optition said I have very dry eyes and has given me drops.

Thanks for the info;


Yes I get the same,spoke to my Doc last week about it amongst other things,he said if it continues he will refer me to have an endoscopy,iv heard other people talk about this and yes although silly but it is common for fibro suffers to have this.

Hope that helps knowing other people get it..xx


I find this a hard one to answer but only because of my own circumstances. I have COPD so I cough a hell of a lot anyway. But before that was diagnosed I would often wake from sleep with an awful coughing fit and I know what you mean about it setting off spasms. And I do think back then it was down to the fibro and the muscles etc inthe throat. But I would say it is not a symptom of fibro. Now when I having one I have no idea which illness is causing it xxxxx


i have fibro (but i think i still have dercums disease)and regularly choke on food.i have protruding ribs on my left side tho no one will tell me why and i cough everytime i go to bed cos i lier on that side to sleep.i did see a rheumatologist last monday but he said its fibro.from the way my body is -a mass of painful fatty (thicklened)areas- it has to be something more as i was diagnose with fibro in 2005 after years of symtpons and thngs worsened since about april of this year


hi..get a blood test for your thyroid ...fibro and thyroid problems go hand in hand...i know this as i have underactive thyroid...and yr thyroid controls all major organs in our bodies..look it up on the internet hunny xxxx


Hi yes my thyroid is not working and my problems started in that area when I had Isotope for a heart test years ago now. I take thyroxine but my voice box was the problem before,as I developed laserations (ooops spelling ) of the vocal cords and nodules in my throat it does worry mee it has come back. I did speak to my usual Dr about it and all he said was ' don't you think you have enough to get on with, with your knees Fibro and CFS ? lets sort them first ' but I now am seeing a new Dr so hope he will help me .

Thanks for your help!

GentleHugs xxxxx


Hi everyone thanks for all the help with this,I am seeing my Dr next week and will speak to him about it. As I said, I feel aweful because there is always something diff; to speak to him about and I don't want him tinking I am always looking for an illness. It is very hard. anyways I will keep you posted.

This morning I sound like I have a smokers cough,and my OH is out so I darn't eat or for that drink anything for fear of choking,but he will only be about an hour tops.

Gentle (((((((((((((((((((((Hugs)))))))))))))))))))) to you all

Rainbow x


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