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Why is life so unfair???

Haven't been on here for a while trying to be positive about my fibro but life seems to have different idea on that. So far I have been sacked from work, tried to get DLA, tried to get a gift shop of the ground without much luck and now my little brother has got cancer waiting for biopsy results. Already loss my big brother and sister a few years ago - life is so horrid why do some people go through life with ease and others have all the bad things happen!!! So much for trying to be positive feeling as though my life is falling apart.

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So sorry to hear that your brother has cancer, such a hard time for you. I wish I had the answer "why is life so unfair", but I don't. Having been through many things in my life, the only conclusion I have come to is that I am now a stronger person. It's hard to be positive all the time, we are only human.Don't give up on your dreams, there is still time to achieve them. I wish you all the luck and I hope your brother gets the treatment he needs. Hugs x


hi so sorry to hear about your brother but I hope things will work out for you I think the same as wednesday it will make you a stronger person may take a little while but you will get there take care sweetheart try and keep your chin up

love beth x



Sorry you feel the way you do at the moment , you sound like you need some outside support. It is very sad that you have already lost siblings and now you are so worried about your brother.

I empathsise with you and as wednesday said we wish we had all the answers.

However we are always here to listen and hope we can provide some support for you here on the forum.

Do you think talking to someone about your brother may help like the Samaritans maybe, if so the telephone number for them is 08457 90 90 90. I wonder if you would consider mentioning how you feel to you GP and he/she will advise the best course of treatment that may help you through these times of worry.

You also mentioned losing your job and the fact you did not manage to get DLA.

After things have settled if you would like to appeal to the DLA, FibroAction can send out some guides that have information that may be of great help.

But right now, I hope you will find some support and wish you & your brother well.

Thinking of you



Hi Tenpen,

I'm so sorry that you are struggling with such difficult circumstances at the moment. You are right - life often does seem very unfair. Some people suffer bereavements and ill health, whilst others have such an easy life.

I do hope that your brother is OK - you never know, the outlook may not be as bad as you fear, and I hope also that things start to look up for you in other areas.

As Emma,says, take all the help you can get, and reapply for DLA. Keep in touch and let us all know how you are - we're all your friends here!

Love Moffy x


Hi Tenpen

sorry to hear you are going thro so much lately

you're brother is fortunate to have such a lovely caring sister like you

i am sure you will be a great support whatever you face in the future

take care of yourself too xx



Thinking of you during this hard hard time. We are all here for you whenever you need us. X


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