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Life is crap isn't it ?

It funny I say tongue in cheek and lowered head as j write this , as to how I love to come here and make people smile with my pics and reply to as many as I can with hope it makes people feel better. Yet I have sent myself off to bed in a foul mood as I am so bloody fed up annoyed angry etc etc at everything. Have final heard after a few months back and forth my ex has had his CSA payments increased and re started but not until end of August and i am at my wits end trying to make ends meet meantime . My son is moaning he has nothing and is constantly going on and on . My bills are getting worse and with ESA and a the other crap I just don't know where to turn .. I know I will wake up positive tomorrow but I really can't wait to get rid of today .....

Goodnight all and I hope I can be back cheerier tomorrow ...

Big hugs xx

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Can only send love and hugs, you are very much appreciated here xx

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Nice vent job! Layed that out there all nice and neat! Well lest see hummm where to start since my day is jumbled up and I can't think straight if I wanted to! I find myself not really wanting to think straight from time to time because it's really not worth the trouble! Exes really can push buttons nobody else even knows exist! Mine just bought him and new wife not only a new travel trailer but a new car! So on that one I understand perfectly! Kids will whine and moan about the next new thing until the next new thing comes out and the moaning starts over again! Hey I think I am making sense but not sure. Although right now I want to beat my dogs! Son in law came home and they jumped up and started barking and scared the @@@@ out of me!!! Have you tried to find help with bills? Here in Texas we have a program called light up Texas and they will help pay electricity bill in summer because it gets so hot here and we'll air conditioner running 24/7 explains itself. Just a suggestion I don't know if you have government help like that? I can't remember what else oh yeah! SMILE it's a new day and you made it!!!! Happy dance!!


Thanks . And it bills that are of my own doing . I not very good at opening mail and addressing things . I try my best but sometimes it just gets top of me .. Anyway I will get there I have no choice otherwise but to do so .. Anyway back to sleep or Try to .. Goodnight x

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I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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Oh Hun. You do a great job. On my really bad days, I cant contribute but I often log in just to look for your pics. ££££ is a nightmare. I hope you feel better today. Tulip xx


Sorry you've had such a crappy day! It's okay to whine/moan, because you've sure given everybody a lot of fun and many laughs other days here!!!

Hope the ex picks up the slack the end of Aug. fulfills his obligation. Isn't he behind already ... here in the 'States you can apply for the gov't. to "garnish" an ex's income ... can you do that so you can get what is due for your son?

Teenagers are often so into themselves, they just can't see reality, esp. when it has to do with money. I don't know UK's rules ~ can your son get a pt-time job close to home so he could have a little spending money?


Extra big, gentle hugs for a much better day when you awake!!! bk


You've done a fantastic jod of bring up your son alone, not only that you are in ill health. It must be so very hard hard for you with all the added pressure of bills etc.

Remenber audi, you've come this far honey, your strong and commited. Hopefuly in a few months when they sort out the CSA payments, some of the added pressure will be lifted.

You've got us here to chat to anytime.

I am sending lots of soft hugs and positiv energy :)

Elizabeth xxxxxx


Hello audh

I really feel for you. I've been a single parent to two children for many years and struggle to put a meal in front of them some days.

My best advice to you would be, and please don't take offence, I genuinely want to help you. If you can't pay a certain bill call the company and just be honest and tell them you can't pay it all in one go.

I have had many companies offer me to pay in instalments or what I can and when.

I used to ignore my post which in the long run meant I was paying more due to interest charges etc.

Would your bank give you a temporary overdraft to see you through?

One Christmas I couldn't put a Christmas dinner in front of my children. You have no idea how that made me feel. Someone stepped in at the last minute and helped me out, but I know just how hard it is.

I am still struggling and am currently so broke I don't know how I'm going to manage until next Wednesday. It is so b****y depressing.

Thinking of you

Lu xx


Thinking of you xxx


Shame on your ex for leaving your son short!

Audh, I don't know you in real life but if you are anything like you are in our virtual world, I would want you as a friend. Lu makes a very good point about contacting creditors re your bills, do you have a friend or relative who could negotiate as your advocate since you are unwell?

Keep strong hon, Maggie xx


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