Why is life so challanging?

I don't expect anyone to know the answer just wanted to vent!!!! I have had Chronic Pain & fibro for many years with all the lows and lower days that go with it. On saturday just before I was going to my friends for a cup of tea in the afternoon I got a trapped nerve because it had been weeks and weeks since i had been out and that i had seen my friend, my hubby managed to get me there, had a lovely even if extra painful afternoon. It is now wednes and the trapped nerve is getting worse rather than better... No point seeing the doctor, I take enough pain meds that nothing should be painful ever again but of course i am always still in pain and then i have this added nerve pain. Can anyone tell me why more and more things get thrown at us sufferers ?? I am feeling very low at the mo, i normally try to keep my spirits up but this has really brought me down. Please don't tell me to have a hot bath cos I can't get in and out the bath at normal times, not without the help of hubby so I only put us through that a couple of times a year. We are supposed to being seeing friends for sunday lunch which again i suppose i will cancel...mylife is full of cancellations, I don't know why wasn't i given something terminal.... I cannot see another 30 years of this hideous life,,,,,life is so unfair and i am feeling very sorry for myself today....sorry fellow sufferers, just had to vent, I hate my life!!!! Iwould never take my life so don't worry about me !

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  • Hi ,my osteopath got me a ball and had me put it on pain area and move the ball against the wall on painful area .I don't why we have to get more and more ,every month I have 17 seperate prescriptions and it will be more within a week as I have to go down and talk about some blood tests oh it's now 18 .shake me I rattle .

    You have the grieve the life you once had and then you have to realise it's not going away ,what I do is I go out if I'm invited they day before I go on four hourly pain relief and continue on the next day .If you don't go out life becomes narrow .I have gone out when I have been climbing walls with pain ,but I can promise you this I have always had a good time ,the next week can be tough but I'm not going to give up.I have had for 53 years they started taking me to doctors when I was nearly twelve but I know when I started primary school I was in a lot of pain .So buckle up choose life and you maybe need antidepressants they help the mood no end .lAnither thing for distractions is a hobby I'm a crafter so I do that I can remember a time when I couldn't walk with the pain .Its good to vent and we don't mind .Hope you feel better soon .

  • Hi, picture this you and me, hand in hand here we go down a lovely leafy country lane sun shining beautifully off we go singing our little lungs out, now we go skipping we are having a lovely day, picnic basket full to the brim of the best goodies you can imagine, you can either have a soft drink or stronger one, when we have filled our boots, we lie on the soft grass and look at the fluffy white clouds and make out shapes then slowly we drift off to sleep with the warm sun on our faces, wonderful, now have a smile and yeah ok. Back to reality but it was a nice trip wasn't it?

  • I think I joined you on your outing it was beautiful day! Thank you so much for that little get away!!

  • What a lovely day you planned for us , I'm feeling better already soft drink for me when we going . Lol

  • Great post Matrix, Sorry to hear you are feeling so down, this time of the year doesn't help does it I hate these dark mornings so depressing, I know it's a cliche but I try to think of someone worse off than me and there are plenty around, very hard when we are feeling like ....!!!!!! but it works for me ., try like Matrix says not to give in, you know what they say, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger .

  • Hi metty, I am so sorry to hear you are having such a bad time, we are all trying to deal with fibro in different ways and a trapped nerve on top of it all seems so unfair. I know you said you don't want any more pain meds but I would still run it past your gp as there are other meds (ie, muscle relaxants ) which really do help also antinflamitorys can help. Your Dr will make sure you get the best one to help you. Good luck x

  • As there is no answer to your problems I have no problem with anyone venting! I as you can tell have been doing that myself lately! I wish sometimes I really was able to wave a magic wand and make everyone pain free! I too think at times I have reached my limit! Like you taking my life is not a option. I have found out though when I get to that point. Fibro or other issues show me I have not!! I really don't wish any health issues on anyone! The ones that suffer day in and day out seem to want the simplest things in life. I find we are very humble. So all I can say is if you ever just need someone to listen feel free to vent! You may pm me anytime. I do Skype with "my sis" and we have found it helps to share the load! Hugs

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and the trapped nerve sounds very painful. I want to gneuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • thank you, i have rang the gp and i am waiting for him to ring me as i could'nt get in the car and see him...i don't suppose he can do much but we live in hope

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