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so sleep what is that again?????

its like 1:17am and im still awake, i have tried all the relaxation processes i have been given and guess what they are not working. i had my esa medical this morning, there i am sat there on about an hours sleep in full body spasm and the lovely lady who is a nurse aid or watever they are suppose to be is telling me and i quote" the best CURE for fms is counselling" now i thought up untill this point that she was sympathetic to my illness and then i realised that just like the majority of ppl i have spoken to about my fibro she has no clue LOL.

so yeah i hold out no hope for a positive result on my esa claim so looks like im set for another fight, which to be honest im not ready for anytime soon!!!!!!!! Add to that not bein able to see any light through this dark cloud of deppression im stuck under at the moment.

so as i stated SLEEP WHAT IS THAT AGAIN???????

much love to you all and gentle and soft hugs

xxxx xxxx xxxx

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Know the feeling 1.35am wide awake in agony which has no intention of giving me a break anytime soon.. I am receiving physcio therapy and its made no bloody difference what so ever... we have learned very quickly that if it cant be seen there is nothing wrong with you, my answer to that is climb inside of me and tell me that.. hear to listen any time xx


yep wen to bed at 11 pm still awake at 2 am and 3,30 am and now its 4.30 am i am on here mmmmmm this i the 3rsd morning in a row i have been up at this time arghhhh is all i can say love to you diddle xx


wish I knew its doing me in all these frustrating little sleep





Been waking up at 4.10 exactly am all week Diddle! How does that happen? x


Send me to councilling if its going to cure me.

Honestly, if it was that easy then why are all doctors wasting time and giving us expensive drugs, that woman needs shot.

Sorry it makes me.

Hope you get some slepp tonight.

Good luck with that esa hun,

hugs, kel xxx


Duh, supposed to say makes me mad lol xxx


Gimme some of that "curing councelling" too please. How ignorant... Well you got all of us on your side.That is, THIS SIDE OF THE BRICK WALL, lol. I will donate some of the strength I have left, to you, to fight it.(might need it back when its my turn tho.Good luck.x. hugs. Carol Bee


Wow, I wish it was that easy!

There is no cure for Fibro. And counselling isn't even considered a treatment (though it can be helpful, as it can be for anyone going through difficult times).


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