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why is life rubbissh

just come on to vent.

So here goes, was going away on holiday doing all the worries about travelling and flareups. Got som egreat advice about getting wheelchair support at hospital so thankyou.

Then the day before i left was called into the office and informed that i will be made redundant. But do not worry you work for the nhs and will get a payout. which is about eighteen months wages. So my career in the nhs as a nurseis over as i do not think i can work again hoping its a bad flare up, but i am 50 and chucked out of a job i loved and was goos at it.

Then tonight my poor lovely cat had to be put down she was eighteen but i loved her so much. feel like life is pretty rubbish at the moment raant over sorry.

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SOrry for your loss and the,bad news.when do you go

away?dunno wot to say.good luck chin up.



I am so sorry , about your job , the loss of your cat . What a truly awful time you have had. You have every cause to rant. I cannot understand the thinking behind making a nurse redundant . Well , it is their loss too. Just want to say that I , as am sure all the others here , am thinking of you. Take care.


S*** S*** S***

Big soft hugs hope things get better for you xxx



sorry for seeing that so much has happened to you, i will light my candle and say a prayer for you. i used to work as a recruitment consultant at one time and although the agency i worked for dealt with industrial there were agencies that were for nurses etc. you should try to find any in your hometown that do the same, i was told then that the agency nurses made more per hour,and were able to pick and choose their hours i hope that this may be some help for you, something to look into anyway. xx


Thankyou but the problem I have is standing for the minimal amount of time I managed in my old job cause it was sitting. I am sure something will come along thankyou x x x


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