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Is there any pattern to flare ups?

Today I have been completely floored by pain in every muscle and joint. I can see no pattern at all for these flare ups. I do struggle everyday with pain and fatigue but can usually get by with the help of oramorph. But when this hits I am fit for nothing and cannot get out of bed. I am new to this illness but do believe it has been creeping up on me for years. I work 4 days a week at the moment but honestly cannot see myself being able to continue much longer. I am trying to stay positive having suffered with depression for many years I do believe that being at work is best for me. On days like today though I just am not able to go. I really do not know how I can prevent these flare ups and have tried to see a pattern. Maybe it's early days yet and I will figure it out. I do hope so. Lots of love and thanks for listening xx

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Hi Lizzy-m

I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling with ''flare ups,'' and I have pasted below what the *HealthCentral website deems to be the top 10 biggest causes of a flare up:

*1. Weather changes

2. Over-exertion

3. Stress

4. Illness or injury

5. Hormonal changes

6. Temperature changes

7. Lack of sleep or changes in sleep routine

8. Treatment changes

9. Traveling

10. Individual sensitivities

Sadly, (in my experience) it is impossible to say when a flare up is going to happen and how long it will last? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I try to keep a diary of food and environment and times to bed and up, symptoms and scores etc. I found an example at allergy uk. Sometimes I think it helps as some things obviously change things especially for me food but sometimes flares come anyway and I don't know why. A diary can help you see that you have had flares and then you have got a bit better and you may find that you do see a pattern and are able to reduce some of your causes for flares. It is very hard when there are so many factors which could cause or contribute to these flares but hopefully you can get somewhere! Good luck


I am sorry you are having a horrid time and wish I could give you an answer, but I do hope you can get some relief very soon....flare ups!!!! Grrrrrrr! x

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Hi Lizzy-m I'm sorry you are really struggling at the moment, I remember it well, dragging myself to work. All I can say is, for me, when I was like this I had a good break from work 2 or even 3 weeks off, I had to recover properly before I could work and then when i did go back, I was then able to carry on for a while if I properly paced myself. You can not work if you can't get out of bed without a dose of oramorph honey.

I always used to try and imagine what I would advise and say to me if I was someone else & most of the time, it was, rest and get well.

I see our TheAuthor has given you some good info and as he says, there seems no rhyme or reason, flareups come & go, some worse that others, some longer than others.

Hope you get some relief very soon my friend, sending you healing thoughts & 💖

Jan xx


Thank you all for your kind words, unfortunately I am still no better today. Your support does help x

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Pls do Google The Spoon Theory, it is used by some members & is a useful way to help you understand how to pace yourself. It doesn't happen overnight honey, there's a lot to learn lol..

It helps so much to just be listened to, I think !. It helps to know that you are not alone doesn't it ?

Luv Jan x

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It really does Janet, thank you. I will read up on the Spoon Theory. X

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I had been counting spoons, only to realise I ran out very quickly. Thank you for suggesting this Janet, it really gets you thinking.........

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