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Couldn't do yesterday at all

I had been battling with getting to work all week but on Monday I had an early doctors appointment so as I was up and dressed I carried on in. Tuesday my son wanted a lift to work so again I was up and dressed so carried on. By Wednesday I thought well I've managed for two days so just keep going girl. Well I got home from work on Wednesday night and couldn't open the front door because my key wouldn't go in properly. After standing there trying for about five minutes, shouting at the dog to shut up barking because my neighbour puts in an official complaint every time he barks (5 times in 5 years) my hands were agony and I didn't know what to do. I was struggling to find my mobile phone at the bottom of my bag (don't know who I was going to phone as my son had gone to London for the day with his girlfriend) when a neighbour and her daughter from a few doors down pulled up on their drive. I don't know them but I asked for their help and after a bit of a struggle they managed to open the door for me.

I had to heat up those wheat bags that you warm in the microwave to wrap round my hands as they were so painful and kept them on for about two hours. Not made easy by the two cats sitting on my lap and the dog sitting beside me who all wanted stroking.

Anyway I know all that doesn't sound that bad but when I got up yesterday morning everything had seized up and I could barely move, plus I couldn't open one eye, so I put it all down to the stress. My boss wasn't very sympathetic but there was no way I was going to get into work, so I laid on the sofa all day watching the telly and cuddling the cats and dog to keep me warm. Bliss. Didn't do a thing all day except pick my son up from work last night wearing my coat over my pj's. Good thing I didn't get stopped!!!!

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Yesterday was a bad day it seems to infected a few of us, I ended up at the gps after bursting into tears over gins positive blog, am trying new meds and praying I hold up now for my sons musical evening at school and Christmas in general

Hoping you have a better day today

VG x


I have bad days but I tel myself there are no bad days, just good days gone a bit worng, or in my case lately, a lot wrong xxxxx


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