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Lovely weather but my feet and hands are so swollen?

I honestly thought if we got some nice warm weather it would help my painful feet, back, hands, fingers and headaches. But no, theyre all the same headaches worse and such painful feet. People at work think I'm mad complaining but the pain is so real. I've tried sitting with them up but still they throb, any ideas for relief please.

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Hi lucy, unfortunately britain has the wrong type of heat humidity the mediteranium is the best sort of sunshine for our joints.

i try to keep the room i am in cool with an oscalating fan or fan tower and i also soak my feet in tepid water with a little mint oil which really refreshes my feet i also run my wrists under the cold water tap.

Unfortunatley unless you suffer with fibro it is hard for others to understand

hugs poppy xx


Are they visibly swollen? If so, this isn't Fibro and you need to see your GP about it if you don't have another diagnosis to explain this already.


Hi Lucy,

Do they normally swell at all? If not, as Chris says, you may need to see your GP.

I know it probably sounds odd but try upping your fluid intake. In this weather if you don't keep well hydrated, your mineral levels become concentrated and your kidneys go into camel mode, storing all the fluid it can to try and keep the concentration levels down. If that doesn't work they can start producing stones. Your body starts storing in your extremities, so your feet and hands swell first.

If you drink as much water/squash as you can, the normal amount is at least 2 litres a day, so more than that to compensate for the weather, you should find once the kidneys are flushed and normal levels are restored the swelling will go down. Keeping your feet up higher than your heart, by lying on the bed or a sofa, is a good idea too.

I hope that helps

happy hugs, kate :)


Hi Kraftyk8

thanks for the reply and I will begin to up my fluids.

enjoy the bank holidays

gentle hugs to you



My feet are swollen and I saw the doctor and he has put me on some water tablets fruzimide or something like that they still swell a bit but are worse in hot weather but the sun is nice so keep your feet elevated as much as you can in other words put your feet up and relax in the sun hope you feel better soon xxhugsxxx


Thank you everyone x


Hi your not on your own chic i have swollen feet and hands sometimes i feel swollen all over and yes the pain still there even tho we have had good weather my feet are very painfull i have a lot of pain in my legs speicaly the left cus i have a bad back too the pain is that bad some times in my leg when ive been on it for half hour to a hour i want to chop it off its so bloody painful . as for letting you know whats best im so sorry i havent got the answer i wish i had for you and me it would make our lifes a lot brighter xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi lucy

I get this also, it drives me mad the swelling even goes up to my forearm.

I run my hands under a cold tap. As for my feet sometimes they are so painful I find it difficult to walk.

We just cant win can we.



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