The picture says it all

The picture says it all

Good morning all from a very cold here. This is my third day without heating or hot water. I can tell you I think the North Pole is warmer than my house at the moment and to say its played on my fibro would be an understatement. The company I have boiler cover with were very sympathetic to my plight on Monday when my boiler was condemned after a safety found I had a leak. Engineers came out fixed the leak but found I needed a special valve and as my boiler is an old girl, a bit like me, they have to order in the part. Hoping I get a phone call today to say its arrived. Not sure how long I can put up with it now. Woke up freezing at two this morning, my dog has even decided to sleep under my bed instead of on it. I am just so cold and so miserable, its horrible. My aches have been made a whole lot worse and no matter what I do I cannot get warm.

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  • Oh no, you poor thing! Lots of hot drinks. Do you have an electric heater u could use, or borrow one off a friend or neighbour? Hope your boiler gets fixed soon. Gentle hugs x

  • How terrible for you. Hope it gets sorted real soon. Hot water bottles would help a little. I used them last winter when my electric blanket died.

  • If you are claiming certain benefits, I think you could get a new boiler under the Governments scheme

  • I'm not on any benefits

  • Morning How rotten for you. Please keep moving as much as you can, Have another hot drink, fill a hotty and snuggle till they get it sorted.

    Thinking of you!


  • hot drinks, hot soup will help u warm up. I swear by my electric bed blankets, my hubby and I have one on our bed and my 15yr old son has one too,they make the bed snuggly warm as we cannot afford to run all our storage heaters just the one big one in the hall is used when very cold x

  • Hello sorry you are having to suffer the cold and I hope it won`t be for long.I know that money may be tight but an electric fan heater costs about £10 It may be worth slashing out on one.

    Hugs sue

  • I have just spoken with the company I have my boiler maintenance with and they are arranging for me to have some heaters delivered. Which is a blessing. Thanks everyone for your responses. I was just so cold and fed up earlier.

  • Hi there Beth

    I'm pleased to hear that the company are supplying you with some heaters. I have poor temperature control and feel the cold very easily even when everyone else is roasting and when the heat supply goes, well I can't bear it either.

    Hope they arrive soon and am sending some fluffies of comfort to help until they turn up :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Well not so sure I am going to get them as the lad I spoke to half an hour ago had nothing on his screen about them. He said he would get back to me - nothing as yet. I did lose it a bit with him mind you. Maybe he is making me wait.

  • Oh Beth, I am so sorry for your plight, I cannot imagine anything worse than being continually cold, it makes you so painful. I do hopr you at least have a hot water bottle and I pray for heat for you soon. God bless xx

  • Thanks Shaz, I just blew my stack with someone on the phone about half an hour ago as I seem to be getting nowhere fast. Never been like it before and never felt the level of anger I did when I was having a conversation about my situation. I am normally very placid but this level of cold I'm feeling is beyond words.

  • Hi Beth1471

    I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way and I genuinely hope that you can get everything sorted as soon as possible.

    Take care and good luck

    Ken x

  • Thank you so much. You have all been so kind. Its lovely to know that I am not alone.

  • Oh Beth, I'm so sorry you are in this horrid predicament! I was going to suggest some heaters! but then re-read and see you are getting some through the company, which is not before time, I would have thought they should have offered you that in the first place. Do keep having lots of hot drinks and possibly soup so that you are warm inside. You could also snuggle up on the sofa with your duvet and the dog inside, so you will both benefit. I was without any heat at all in my very cold cottage for 6 weeks during the winter 2012/2013, my landlady thought that having damp treated in the winter a highly good idea, I wasn't "allowed" to light my woodburner for 6 weeks whilst the new plaster work dried out, it was a nightmare, I lived in my bedroom, bought an electric heater and a dear friend loaned me a tv with a separate aerial. I learned later that I shouldn't have paid rent for that period as she had effectively made the property "unliveable" ho hum :o

    I'm sending lots of very warming positive vibes to you and hope that your boiler is mended as quickly as possible :-)

    Foggy x

  • Thank you for your kind thoughts. Still waiting on a phone call about the heaters. I don't think I am going to get one. I think I'll do as you suggest get my duvet down and both Poppie and me can snuggle up together. I may even sleep downstairs in the living room tonight as my bedroom is a lot colder than down here. With my health being fragile it might be the best option. Thank you once again.

  • You're right to have a rant. I'm sorry all I can offer is gentle hugs and a virtual hot water bottle.

    It's not morale building to stay in bed just to keep warm - which I do regularly. I have combined a couple of duvets to give a TOG15 rating and a leccy blanket takes only 60watts so if I convince myself the circumstances are right it feels quite cosy :)

    Oh, and my doglet would have been under the covers with me. I didn't dare kick him out :P

  • Aww thanks. Its funny, I have been more concerned for my dog and cat that me really. You can tell they feel it. The cat has disappeared upstairs in the spare room under a duvet - cats aren't daft are they. She comes running down if I shake her box of food then goes straight back up. No flies on her. My doggie Pops is more loyal than that, she by my side no matter what. I'll keep you posted if anything occurs as Nessa would say from Gavin and Stacey.

  • Hehehe.

    How to change a duvet cover.

    1 remove cat from duvet

    2 pick up duvet

    3 remove cat from duvet

    4 remove cover

    5 remove cat from duvet

    6 fetch fresh cover

    7 remove cat from duvet

    8 put on cover

    9 remove cat from duvet

    10 put duvet on bed

    11remove cat fro . . . oh, don't bother

    Doglets Deaf to the word "SIT"

    can hear Mars bar wrapper at 3 miles

  • Oh, that made me laugh, first time I've laughed out loud today. That did brighten me up a bit and you are right about doglet too. ~Thank you.

  • There's lots of human warmth heading your way.

    Doglet used to signal his presence by panting under the covers. Overheating but would not get out except for a wee. :P

  • You missed the bit about the sticking plasters

  • Hehehehe. I'll leave you to explain that Sue. I can't have all the fun. :P

  • ????

  • Hey Beth, we both have a Poppie and spelt the same way. Can I ask what breed yours is please, mine is a Jack Russell :-)

    Foggy x

  • My Poppie is a West Highland White. She is simply gorgeous. She loves everything and everyone apart from magpies. She detests magpies. Got no idea why. Jack Russells are one of her favourite dogs that she is drawn to when out walkies. However, saying that, she swoons at this fabulously long legged very muscular Staffie that lives around the corner from me. She openly flirts with him whenever I bump into his owner. Both of us have a bit of a giggle at her shinanigans.

  • My cat |Rimmer loved the make the bed game. itwas great fun for both of us but you know cats. sooner or later the claws would be un shiethed. that was when I`d need the sticking plaster

  • Oh yes, I have many a scar from wounds inflicted to my hands and arms.

  • Love the monkey photo! Poor you with no heating, I do hope things have sorted out now.

  • Thank you. I thought it summed up my mood at the time of posting.

  • Hi Beth, I really hope you now have some form of heating. Fingers crossed, Shazzzy

  • love the monkey photo i am sorry to hear you are witout some form of heating it makes your blood boil when they makes promises & don't stick to them but it does not keep you warm the cold & pain are unbearable sending lots of hot water bottles & fluffies.x

  • Awww thank you. I am now facing day four with no heating or hot water. It has left a bitter taste in my mouth. The only comfort is my hot shower in the mornings. Can't get enough of that, takes me a minute or two to step out as its the only warmth I have felt apart from my hotties and my thermals which I have warn all week long. Yesterday I put my thermal waterproof ski trousers on, they were warm which was something but it just beggars belief they know my health problems but have not helped done anything to speed things up. I should have bought a new boiler, I would have been warm now.

  • Oh Beth it must be torturous for you! Is there no way you can hurry them up are you waiting for a part or what.

    Thinking of you wrap up well and keep moving about helps the blood flow keeps you warm!


  • Hello Gins, its a part I'm waiting for. My boiler is old so the part was not readily available. I think if its the same answer today and the part does not come in then it means probably I will have to consider getting a new boiler.

  • Is the new one a problem I am sure you have weighed up the pros and cons but the warranty on a newer one would bring you peace of mind and you would be warmer. I expect it is very expensive oh dear hope it turns out all right

  • Thanks, I think it will be the way I'll go. If I don't get any satisfactory results.

  • Oh dear Beth, did they not come up with the heaters that were promised, if not they are really out of order and I would give I them a phone call and perhaps mention that you might take your business elsewhere to get a new boiler, that might sharpen them up a bit. I can't bear to think of you being as cold as this for as long .

    Oh how lovely,both our Poppies being good little doglets, my previous JR was called Gertie, we often used to call her "Gert the Flirt" hehehehe so I completely understand what you say about your Poppie, mine is the one in my avatar pic.

    Warming thoughts coming your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • I had a phone call this morning from the repairers. They had been given the wrong phone number and my gas suppliers had to furnish them with the correct number. They are going to repair the boiler tomorrow sometime. Well at least the part was in stock and the weather turning milder. I have a friend who is taking me away from the house for a few hours this afternoon, going on a shopping spree.... watch out bank card, the way I feel you may get a hammering.... :-) :-)

  • Oh I'm so pleased you are getting to go out, and hammer your card as much as you like, you deserve a cheering up spot of retail therapy. Maybe buy an electric heater, just incase they don't manage to get their act together and you are left over the whole weekend without heating. Do you have hot water, for either a bath or a shower? I do hope so.

    More warming thoughts :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hurrah, the boiler is fixed. Its beginning to warm up nicely now. The sun is out but the heating will remain on for the day to warm up the house. Thank you all for your support over the last five days. I don't know what I'd have done if I did not have you.

  • Hi Beth1471

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well a you possibly can be today? I am so delighted to read that your boiler has finally been fixed. I can imagine that you feel over the moon!

    all my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Am really pleased Beth and hope that you are now snug as a bug and resting up nicely

    Fluffies on route to help you heal and relax

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Oh Beth! like sian, I'm so so pleased that this has at last been resolved for you, and yes it will take a while for the whole fabric of the house to warm through having been without heat for so long. What did your retail therapy trip get you ? something lovely I hope :-)

    Take care and positive warming and relaxing vibes coming your way. :-)

    Foggy x

  • Thanks Foggy, yes I bought myself some nice jeans from Next and a beautiful lightweight sweater for the spring. I don't drive, my friend took me in her car and she has heated seats in her car and it was lovely sitting there and getting warmed up. I did buy her some trousers in Next by way of a thank you for getting me out of the house for a few hours. And now my home is back to normal. It has caused a flare up of the fibro something shocking. I am on gabapentin but this last few days have been so stressful and hard that its not really doing very much. Hoping now that all the work is done and I can relax and get back to where I was.

  • Forgot to mention, I have sent a three page A4 size letter of complaint to Scottish Power about how I have been treated over this last five days and I have given it to them with both barrels. So watch this space, lets just see if they respond.

  • I'm so pleased you managed to treat yourself and aren't the heated seats just wonderful :-) It was very generous to buy your friend some trousers, but I think true friends are worth spoiling for helping us when we are in need.

    Hopefully your house is warming up and tomorrow will bring a nice sunny day so you can start to recuperate and enjoy your house again.

    More positive and warming vibes coming your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi Beth how are you doing now are you warm ?


  • Getting there, it is my mental health that I was worried about, did not feel very good at all. Wanted to just walk away from it all and disappear. But I feel a little better this evening. The house is warm again and in a few days I should be much happier hopefully.

  • so pleased you have finally got the boiler fixed & are warm good to get out for retail therapy now your body has to get over the stress await outcome of complaint to scottish power ..sending gentle hugs x

  • I cannot believe how rotten I feel this morning. My whole body is full of pain. It has to be as a result of the week just gone by. Just hoping the pain relief kicks in. I usually go to visit my brother on a Sunday but this week I shall be staying home and just taking it easy.

  • Morning Beth how are you feeling now? has the pain eased any?

    I think you could be correct about the stress of last week having such an impact on you they do say that we don't feel it at the time, it's always afterwards.

    Resting up, keeping warm and drinking plenty of fluids may help to ease it a little, I hope you feel better soon, enough to visit your brother :)

    If you don't get out to see your brother the Sunday outing may be an interesting distraction, if you feel up to it xx

    Super strength pain busting fluffies on route to help you :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Morning I am delighted you are beginning to feel your self again after your ordeal. Now you can have a quiet day and pamper yourself. :) Happy for you xgins

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