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Flu Jab of Evil has totally wiped me out! Anyone else?

I had my flu jab on Friday week before last. First few hours, my arm was a bit stiff but nothing I couldn't handle. Saturday I went to see ponykins, was a bit sore nothing new. Sunday I drove my car home, had a little stiffness afterwards which was to be expected. Monday - couldn't get out of bed, Tuesday - couldn't get out of bed, Wednesday, repeat of Monday and Tuesday, Thursday had to drag myself out of bed to go and get my prescription, Friday - couldn't get out of bed till late, got up, went upstairs for my snuggy, had to lie down on the bed again! I'm meant to be going back to work on Monday - eeeek!

Not seen my Jerry again this weekend either :-( good thing I have people looking after him/riding him.

I don't know if this is the FJOE or the Fibro rearing its ugly head but I feel totally wiped out, have no energy, my limbs are on fire, I have to sit down halfway down the stairs (and we have an open plan staircase which amuses OH no end and he starts singing the Kermit song)

I didn't have much of a life before, but I'd like what bit there was of it back


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I've been similar and can't decide which it is. my legs are not right or safe - thay eah move independently like one of the thunderbirds puppets.

I had extra visit from 1 PA as she didn't come week before due to chest infection.

Now I've got it and heavy cold too. - I took all precautions, including using alcohol wipes.

I think "Pshaw" is a good word!



Yep, my first and last flu jab last year NEVER again, I have had flu I suppose we all have so why I paid to feel the same as having flu I will never forget......

Hugs it will pass..... When I finally got better I went back to the pharmacy and complained they didn't warn me I would be so Ill for days.... There response... You must have been coming down with flu before the jab..... So... Unless you KNOW you arent going to have flu before you have the jab don't have it and if you aren't getting flu why have it.... I think that makes sense....

VG x


For the first 5 years I was terribly ill with flu jab but last 4 Ive been ok, it changes every year so this one could be a baddie or its woken up the fibro. I havent had mine as Ive had the winter virus + sinusitis for nearly 4 months now. Try those 1000mgs of vitamin C, one a day does help you to heal.


Last had a flu jab about 8 yrs ago. It made me so ill that the emergency doctor, who I called out initially to see my mum who I was looking after due to her reaction to it, tried his best to have me sent to hospital as he said I was coming down with pneumonia & needed to be on a ventilator. Ended up having an anti-pneumonia jab & warned never to have a flu jab again. Even though I have bad asthma as well as chronic pain/fatigue I would rather run the risk of flu than go that again! I take Vitamin C tablets throughout the late autumn/winter months to boost my immune system as well as making sure I consume plenty of natural Vitamin C all year round. I am presently getting over a nasty cold & find that taking the Vit C reduces both the length of the cold & it's total impact. I do feel bad but can still function whereas previously I would have been floored for wks.

As is usual with many sufferers of Fibro, ME etc we end up looking after everyone else even when we feel under the weather & when we eventually have to give in we suffer even more because we have pushed ourselves well beyond our limits. We have to start being a little selfish when it comes to looking after our health - after all isn't it better to take a few days to make sure we are well than be incapable of doing anything for a wk or longer? Self care & pacing are important, as is retaining a sense of humour - my hubbie makes me laugh when otherwise I would be crying so join in with Kermit songs etc lol. Hugs to all : ))


Pdhywrd 13 how right you are we all keep on going looking after others and forgetting to pa e it hard to put yourself first when u a caring person .soft hugs xxx


Same here : ( had 1 was so ill, had the worst flu ever. Never again!!!! They try to force us at work as work in a hospital but I stick to my guns xx


Sorry to hear you're feeling so poorly, hope you feel better soon. xxx

Here are some discussions we have had about Flu Jabs recently -





Ah didn't see these as I have been in bed half the time. Funny bug this has felt like a 'mild' dose of swine flu so doesn't surprise me at all that it has the part for that in it.

Here's the science bit: flu vaccines work by your antibodies realising their is an invader and then remembering who this invader is should you come into contact with the virus and charging at warp factor 9 with weapons engaged and firing. The virus in the vaccine is supposed to be 'dead' and so cannot give you flu. Well I must have blooming zombie vaccines then cos they are 'undead' whenever I get them!

Storm x


Please may I enlighten people who for some reason or another think that getting the flu vaccination gives them the FLU. Flu is a virus and the World Health Organisation monitors all types of the influenza virus around the world and find out how many people each strain it has killed. Remember many Countries do not have an NHS or an insurance system or even a doctor with in 200 miles of their town or village, so their health system is non existent so influenza kills thousands upon thousands of people. We never hear about this because it might frighten some people in Britain and America.

This year there is 4 types of the influenza virus that has been incubated in the albumen of either duck or chickens eggs. Once this virus has been incubated it is spun and drained. It is heated at a high temperature and the product left is a begnine protein mixed with inert substances that will keep it safe from bacteria ,so it can be put into single dose syringes for personal use. The only reaction that you might get is a general reaction to the protein around the inoculation site and may be a few sniffles from your nose if you are allergic to eggs. But you will be asked about this before you are given the immunization by the practitioner.


If you are still worried please Google the Above for details if you do not believe me. Oldman1952.

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