Hi all had a great day out in the sun

Hi all had a great day out in the sun

Hi, been for lunch with my mother in laws then went for a back massage and guess what I done , lol

I finished my massage and the girl was brilliant it was a deep tissue one i went for, as my buffal hump and lungs were agony anyway before she left the room she reminded me of the step when I come out of the treatment room so I got dressed sorted my hair and my oxygen had my water and pursue out my bag the what did I do opened the door and feel my full length and twisted my ankle , the girls all rushed to help me but I couldn't get up and i didn't want the girls to help me until I figured out what hurt the most lol, my back was feeling great;

Eventually very embarred as the shop was busy with people getting there nails done the girls brought me a chair and i managed to get up they were really good and apologies but it was my fault,they offered to take me home but I had my scooter andvi could rest my foot on that so i declined there kind offer.

I had just been telling the girl who was doing the massage how clumsy i was and how i miss judge things and walk in to doors and that i am not allowed glasses to drink out of as im always knocking them over lol, sippy cups for me,

Apart from that ive had a great day just nursing a swollen foot sitting on my bed but my back is better lol,

Rest day tomorrow, hubby not happy with me but I cant help it ive done worse at least i have plenty of medication for the pain .

I better behave as he is not happy with me as I want to go with dial a ride on my own .

I am going to end up grounded at 47 lol.

Hope you all have a pleasant evening, im getting a new dvd player delivered tomorrow so I will have a day watching old dvds i came across the other day then realised that I no longer had a dvdplayer so amazon are delivering one for me tomorrow. Lol

Loraine x

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  • Oh flippin eck woman, whatever are we going to do with you?

    I'm not surprised himself is thinking of grounding you!

    I hope all you've done is sprain that ankle, and that you don't suffer any more than usual tomorrow, and that you've learned your lesson madam!

    Have a quiet day with your dvds tomorrow and for heaven's sake stop that brain of yours from thinking up any more circus acts - leave the tumbling to the clowns eh!

    Seriously love, hope you're ok, take it easy, I know its a headyy feeling ,this new found freedom, but please dont overdo it, please ?

    Lots of love and squidgy hugs coming your way

    Wendy xxxxx

  • Thank you very much Ccupcakes, I know what im like the more bad news i get i try to do to much i think just to occupy my mind as i have been hibernating for so long and pushed everyone away but some how once i have been in hospital it makes me want to do things and get out and about and im luck that I have these services available to me so I am just going to try some out but slowdown a little and start opening my eyes when im out as its different falling outside at least in the house no one sees you lol,

    I hope you are feeling as well as can be, I like the bright days it chears me up , the more bad news i get the more I try and get other things to occupymy mind , as i dont really have anyone to talk to my conditions well i have family but I dont like talking about it with them as they just get upset or annoyed with the doctors as thing may have been going on fir a while , so I just keep it in or the best thing is having everyone here im so glad that I found it last year. It been a god send for me having you all as I dont use media sites,

    Have a pleasant evening im going to watch the girl on the train, I have read the book last year when I was in hospital so I wonder if it will live up my expectations, I will let you know.

    Loraine x

  • What a shame when you had had that wonderful relaxing massage. You will have to be careful or hubby will ground you for good and chain you to the bed so you can't slip out whilst his back is turned.

    Pity you aren't like one of those Roly poly toys that rights itself if pushed over. It is so embarrassing when you do it in front of a crowd.

    Hope the foot isn't too bad and you enjoy watching your DVD's.xxx

  • Thank you rosewine, I am resting or i won't be allowed to go myself with dial a ride he will insist on coming to, but I want to have a bit more independence as I could get my oh or mum to take me in the car but I dont want to so I better start watch where im going or i wont get out again, lol

    I hope you are keeping well as can be

    Take care

    Loraine x

  • Weebles rosewine, remember them? "Weebles wobble but we don't fall down" hee hee! 😂😂

    Think our Loraine is practising to be one !!!!

  • I do they always fascinated me as did spinning tops. To be quite honest I think somedays I've never grown up.xxx

  • Hay rosewine i think there is still a bitvif a hidden child in us all , I just bought myself one off those fidgie spiners that all the kids are playing with just now they are supused to be good for your hands and helps take your mind of the pain , told you big kid lol , spinning tops were great though and jack n the box lol x

  • I've seen those they were advertised in The Works and wondered about them. Wondered whether it would take OH's mind off fidgetting.x

  • How did you know i look like a weeble the only thing is i do fall down but I get back up , the more weight i put on that's what i would call myself , weebles wobble but dont fall down i think that how the rymme went only thing is i do fall down lol ,

    Thats gave me the giggkes now x

  • I loved my spinning top, the old fashioned tin kind with pictures on, and a Kaleidoscope, was scared of Jack in the box tho,

    Your giggles are catching!

  • The small things that amuse us, what we like reminiscing about old toys when most people are out partying at the weekend,

    I would thank you for that now mind you I might sleep lol

  • 😴😴😴

  • Ooh ouch Loraine121 hope you are ok and havent done yourself too much damage.

    i had a fall on bank holiday saturday,completely knocked the stuffing out of me,and ended up spending the weekend in hospital,it really shook me up and still suffering now.

    Please be careful and look after yourself,I hope you recover soon.



  • Thank you very much cruise, I am resting today but at least my lungs feel better after the massage,

    Sorry to hear that you to have been in hospital i hope that you are resting and on the road to recovery,


    Loraine x

  • Glad you are feeling beter after your massage .

    I feel better today but trying to sleep is awkward I just cant get comfy no matter how I lie.

    Take care.



  • Oh bless you Loraine121 oh I was cringing when I read it & can picture the scene. You poor thing, it must have been awful for you. Thank goodnes you had the massage first, I bet you would have pulled your back it if you hadn't had it. Hopefully, as you say. Your back should be ok but I hope your foot doesn't hurt to much.

    I'm just the same. I trip up my own feet, I don't need steps lol. Barge into door frames, bash my hands on door handles & forever kicking the doorstop. It's a wonder I'm not black & blue with broken toes haha..

    Enjoy your dvds tomorrow my friend & get a good rest & keep your foot up xx

  • Thank you very much, you sound like me walking in to things but I bruse easily with all the steroids and that was why I was explaining to the girl how some people say that they got the bruises from walking in to things as i miss judge things but some people thing oh yes i have heard that before think that maybe you are in a abusive relationship, and my whole back looks like its black and blue but its just years of steroids and the thinning ofmy skin, I felt sorry for the poor girl i think she got more of a fright than me , lol

    I have been resting up today as I have plans next week Wednesday i am treating myself again to get my hair done as it was just before Christmas i last had it done as i have not been well or in the mood before but I had a good chat with myself at the weekend and the weather is okay at the moment so I thought time to stop hibernating and get out and about as I've been shutting myself away and with recent hospital stay as well i thought no i cant let this get me any lower so hair cut on Wednesday and dial a ride tothe shopping centre on Thursday and the following week i have the rheumatologist again as he was waiting on more test results before giving me medication so I am just going with it and getting my head around this but in a positive way , I like the idea of getting a bit of independence back with the us of services that are there to help me and I am at least going to try them as not everyone gets the chance to have these free services and would probably loveto have the same opertunity. But baby steps and I will just have to try and look where im going lol

  • All my hopes and dreams for you my friend, and enjoy a good rest tomorrow x

  • Thanks ken i am resting my foot sitting in my room watching old dvds, lol my back around my lungs feels a lot better now though,

    Have a wonderful day

    Loraine x

  • Thanks my friend, and that is wonderful to hear. Please take care of yourself x :)

  • Be kind to yourself today and enjoy DVD's.....xx

  • Thank you, I am just resting today , lol

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