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Getting older disgracefully

Ok I have had fibro since my 20s over 20 years now, 4 years ago arthritis got its claws in, still in my 40,s and have tried every option..... Meds many and varied allergic to a lot, physio, useless, rheumatologists some good some bad, orthotics .... Good, Trigger point injections excellent, Massage nice but expensive after a while, but everyday I am in pain.... After years of grieving ranting , raving weeping it hasn't helped, it just carries on its relentless progression. So I have decided to grow older disgracefully, I will joke about my body, and laugh at the situations I find myself in and generally make my fibro and arthritis too embarassed to hang about, so by the time I am 50 I may be symptom free,,,, yup I know it won,t really happen but I shall enjoy myself in my mad little world

VG x

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wonderful attitude VG i have decided i was born with old bones and i am going to get younger and get up to all sorts of mischief lol xx


VG i say with added unwanted friends and i call it FAB by the way chosen by a friend..

Growing old with hand and a shoulder to do the wahsing, cleaning & cooking and the shoulder for to lean on saying ahhhhh you did well keep up the good work lol

Thats ;my way .

so sad we had to go through this but Thank full we can help those who new (pretty much like me but yet had for all my life unknowingly except decided to just say arrr now your gunna get it my little divil)

You may have A 'Very Grumpy' Name but you have a 'Very humorous attitude' !! ;-D xx


This is a brilliant attitude to have and one I swear by hun as you can see by my poetry. I laugh at it, during the 4 years prior to being diagnosed I was unable to laugh at something that had no name. Now I know who it is I can laugh. So for 22 years I have laughed. Sometimes I forget about those first four years and many times I have said had it 21 years, or neary 22 years. I think you forget over time, we get used to it hanging around. So you go ahead and grow old disgracefully, no one would blame you. I need a quick break xxxxx


My Dad once ran a group called the Recycled Teenagers, I don't know if they're still going but I've seen some of their holiday snaps and they had a LOT of fun - I think I'd rather behave disgracefully than let this thing beat me down completely... its having quite a good try at the moment.

My plan is to become more eccentric as I get older, I think its just as well that purple is one of my favourite colours :)


A wonderful philosophy VG, one I share myself! It requires far too much effort to be too sensible as you get older doesn't it lol! That's my excuse any way! :O ;) :)


Yea. welcome to my world. I have almost reached my 60s and i have no intention of becoming a responsible OAP I even shock my daughter with some of the things I do and say, but hey they say laughter is the best medicine, and that's all i have left of my old self, since this fibro creeped in, but it won't take my wicked sense of humour away!

Gentle Hugs

Bonnie Lass


Well you have the same attitude that I have been living by for some twenty odd years.. Life is far to short and we only get one go at it so make the most of it be outlandish say what you fancy have a joke laugh a lot - if you fancy changing your hair colour whey not = Life is ours a game to play and enjoy , Fibro just happens to get in the way but we can blast it with humor and it makes you feel so much better. Big grins and hugs to you ((((((((((((((()))))))))))))))))))))) your daft friens xgins


fair play to you VG..xx


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