Newly diagnosed.....Fibromyalgia

Hi everyone, just to formerly introduce myself. I am new to the group, and went to Dr a while ago with all the symptoms of fibro. I asked if it was that, and after clear blood tests, she said yes it is! Boom!! That's that I've been bad for some years now, and they just said it was Arthritis, as was mostly back and neck pain. But then it seemed to up its game, and pain, just everywhere! At least i got a quick diagnosis! I like to keep up with you all on here, as it confirms that I'm not going mad with the things that happen, as i see you all experince the same. Anyway, nice to meet you all........☺

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  • Hello Malsy

    Nice to meet you :)

    Sorry to hear you have Fibro too.

    Everyone here will try to answer any queries or questions you might have.


    Lu xx

  • Hi maisy and welcome :-)

    It's a great site! Everyone is lovely and helpful.

    Hugs Keeley x

  • Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I sincerely hope that you find the forum useful, informative and loads of fun!

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you have Fibro also, and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi Malsy

    Welcome I don't say much but I read everyday to see how everyone is doing. It's good to read how folks are and their symptoms I thought I was going crazy but I know I am not alone now my colleagues don't understand and I still have to pull my weight I am a 👮🏻 so have to get on with this horrible disease join in the fun 😄

  • Hello!!! Welcome to the mad-house... :-D :-D :-D Whatever the question, whatever the time, however you're feeling just pop online!! There is always someone about and the humour on here is off the scale some days!!

    Much love... Ninja...♥♥♥

  • Hi Maisy, sorry to hear you've been diagnosed with fibro. Hope you will find some friendly advice on here, do enjoy the fun and crazy photos too. MariLiz x

  • Thank you guys...xxxx

  • Hi, welcome aboard, I don't have fibro but have osteo arthritis so just need a new hip so I'm lucky. I do hope you will find pain relief as there is nothing more frustrating being held back when you've normally been so fit. Here's a website:

    This hopefully will help you as I enjoy doing a bit of research and it shows you a bit about what you can do to help yourself as follows:

    "6. What can I do to help myself?

    Lifestyle modifications may help you conserve energy and minimize pain. Learn what factors aggravate your symptoms and avoid them when possible. Many patients find warm water (hot tub or shower) to be soothing. Hot wraps for particularly painful areas are also beneficial. Maintaining a rigid sleep schedule (e.g., ensuring that you receive at least eight hours of sleep per night and that you have a routine for easing you into sleep) is one method endorsed by patients to help minimize daytime fatigue and reduce night time sleep difficulties. Gentle movement and stretching exercises will help you maintain your function, which is essential when the body is tired and the muscles hurt."

    Take care and make the most of the good days!

  • Yeah, I'm forever researching this and that! I like to keep right up to date with anything on fibro. Thanks for the link, I'm gonna have a look now. Xx

  • Welcome to the club. It is good to read about everybody's else's thoughts feelings and tips etc., as it lets you know that you are not alone and there will always be someone here with advice or caring words.

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