Are you getting worse with your fibro as time goes by?

Hi All,

I just wondered is anyone getting worse as time goes on? I definitely am, but the lines between fibro and Arthritis are definitely blurring!! But I seem to have gone so down hill over the last couple of years. I'm constantly in pain and popping painkiller all the time, where I never really took any before the fibro :-((

Would love to hear from others what they think? x

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  • Hi again

    I can definitely relate to ''the lines between fibro and Arthritis are definitely blurring!!'' Sometimes I find it difficult to tell them apart? If it wasn't for the swelling then I would be really stuck.

    I am sorry to read that your Fibro is getting worse, and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thank you Ken. Hope you and your wife are well. X

  • Me too, everytime go to the reumy, they ask what is worse the arthritis or the fibro.... I feel silly.... Uhh I dunno!!!

  • Morning Lizzy,

    I agree it does seem to worsens does everthing else with it. The pain killers we keep bumping up the quantity or strength as our bodies get used to them. I dont know what else to do.

    I am trying meditation see how that goes.

    Keep smiling


  • mine defiantly has become worse over the last 3 years. especially fatigue x

  • I am definitely getting worse, had a really bad nights sleep last night, felt ok before going to bed so did not take my paracetamol and ibrupofen, wow have I paid for it, my both knees are really sore today and my whole body was racked in pain every time I turned over to try and get comfortable, just about getting fed up now and feeling really sorry for myself, back in work this morning where I always feel so much better as just takes my mind of the whole thing!!!!

  • Mine has got a lot worse 3 yr ago when I met my husband to be we went on a 3ml hike now I find it difficult to walk round my bungalow without being in agony and I'm using less and less spoons every day even washing up has me laid up for the rest of the day, it's so frustrating x

  • I worked in Pharmacy I have fibro but I also got cancer it's a blood cancer so can be treated but not cured reason I am telling you about the cancer is if you get really bad pain that has you crying don't just assume it's the fibro it was my back I had 2tumours doc thought it was sciatic I tho maybe slipped disc I had to keep going until they gave me Mri scan that showed it up my doctor was shocked 😞no more than me lol I have had stem cell transplant last July they say it gives you bit more time before it comes back you know I came on here to tell you paracetamol is good for bone pain my fibro is awful as well every day I have to flex my hands as they are sore I am on morphine plus have morphine based breakthrough tabs I would hate to think how my pain would be if I wasn't on them it's bad enough just now so if you are offered morphine based tabs just try them for few weeks the zombie ness wears off once your system gets used to it good luck everyone x

  • I am the same - little by little I seem to be getting worse, and every year I struggle to do things I could do a year ago. However, I try to be positive and focus on what I CAN do rather than what I can't, but we're preparing to retire early while we can still do things together that we've always dreamed of. I'm using a wheelchair outside the house, and probably will inside before too long - we're moving to a flat so I won't have to struggle up stairs any more.

    I don't feel like this is very helpful, except to say that you aren't alone. Perhaps all we can ever do is enjoy our better days and be grateful for the things we can still do?

  • Thank you for asking this question. I thought I was just being a wimp, as once diagnosed with Fibro I seemed to get worse. My daughter wondered if it was because I looked up the symptoms and I thought I might be just imagining my pain. But a year ago I was able to walk my 3 Yorkies on my own- no problem, now I can't, so my husband has to come with me. I have to make sure before we go I have un/loaded dishwasher, clean kitchen, as I know once we come back I will want to go to bed for a couple of hours. Then I'm able to prepare tea, and actually hold a conversation with my husband!

  • I definately agree! Diagnosed with RA September 2013 and Fibro 2 weeks ago, just feel worse and worse every day! The RA medication is helping my joints but the fibro pain and fatigue is dreadful. Really hope fibro medication helps me !

  • Yes I am DEFINATLY worse than I was, as you say the lines between Athritis and fibro just blur now ,my fibro started 25 years or more ago then I started getting back pain and pain in my feet, wich I was told it was oesteoarhritis ,two years ago the consultant said I also have inflamitory Athritis as well ,and the fibro is with me all the time.i would love to be free of pain for just a week ,so I could cope

  • Yes unfortunately I have. I also have other health conditions including osteo arthritis and like some of the others say the symptoms of the two seem to be blurring and I am never sure especially with my hops and lower back which it is. I just pray every day for some sort of miracle and hoping that some kind of medication will be found that will help us all like they have with other illnesses.x

  • I was diognosed about 2 1/2 years ago but sure I've had it for longer. Mine has definitely got worse over time. I've just been prescribed slow release tramadol and I'm finding them really helpful.

  • hi i agree im definatly getting worse as time goes on diagnosed 5yrs ago but had fm and other problems for over 10yrs i dred waking up in the morning as the pain in my legs and back are so bad i have to haul myself out of bed first on the agender every morning is 2 zapain a coffee and back to bed if im not busey until the pain killers kick in and i can function im so fed up of this daily routine i feel so tired of all of it i want my old life back to be pain free for 1 day i cant get my head around what the future holds im only 46 feel like ive been robbed of my life and think why me this stupid condition is also so hard for the family to understand ther is so much i cant do now and think they get fed up with me this really gets me down sorry to waffle just having a down day take care joanne x

  • Yes, I definitely get worse and worse as time goes by, however, like others here, I have several health problems and it gets more and more difficult to know what's causing what!

  • Hi I have suffered with fibromyalgia for over 20 yrs but was only diagnosed 4yrs ago, my symptoms have definitely worsened over the yrs, I just wish they would give me the right medication to try n ease some of my pain and restlessness xx

  • Definitely! I've had fibro for 37 years, possibly more, but really went down hill in 2013. 2012 I could walk across the hills, even tho I paid for it afterwards. Now I use a wheelchair outside the house and a gutter crutch(s) inside.

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