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Pains, is it Fibro or actual arthritis

I am a bit confused, I have Fibro diagnosed and also told I have general arthritis, only during winter are my hands feet elbows hips ect very bad and also TMJ is flared up, so is it Fibro that causes my pains or is it arthritis , people say cold hurts arthritis, I have lots of other pains I no are Fibro but my winter joint pain arthritis ???i have started takin anti inflammation tablets but don't no if they help . I do still get pains in these areas but its a different pain , or have I just forgotten how bad winter is compared to summer, does winter summer cause any one else flares??? Thanks take care Michelle

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Hi Michelle

Have you had x rays taken to see what state your joints are in ?

i think the only true way of knowing is by xray or sometimes bloodtests depending on which type of arthritis you have

I have an inflammatory type so mine does show up in bloods

Is it damage to the joints that concerns you ?

I do understand what you mean about different pain as this is what i get in my hip joints which have been really sore, it is worrying as i will need a hip replacement befoer too long

I find my arthritis also gets bad when its very hot , can't please some conditions eh ha ha

they say arthritics can tell when cold damp weather is coming due to air pressure or something

Do you take any tablets to protect your Tummy from the anti inflammatory meds ?

If you are concerned i would chat with GP and see what he /she says

take care xx


I am diagnosed with both. Its difficult to tell them apart. My gp reckons that when one flares, it sets the other off. all my joints are so painful. so are my muscles. so then it is prolly both


I have osteoarthritis of the spine as well as the Fibro and I can never be certain which it is. I hope you can find out so whichever it is can be treated xxxxx


Thanks very much for help, think Fibro is a complex disorder maybe the illnesses overlap so it's a bit of both, Fibro and arthritis, it's just much easier to treat wen u no wat it is. Thanks take care Michelle


Hello Kilts so sorry to hear you are finding Winter particularly tough. I personally think it would be wrong for us to surmise whether it's Fibro, arthritis, a flare or anything else as we really don't know.

However it isn't unusual for people with Fibromyalgia to find managing through the Winter much harder than in the warmer weather. Having said that some of us find coping in the warmer weather harder, it's very variable.

Owing to not being sure as to the exact cause of how you are feeling, I would suggest you discuss all of this with your GP who hopefully will be able to advise and to help you too with the appropriate meds/treatment.

In the mean time make sure you are taking all your meds, your pain relief etc and please see your GP as soon as you are able to. Hopefully things will be easier for you to manage very soon.

Please know that we are always here for you and we will do whatever we can to help and support you along the way.

(((hug))) xxx



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