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Am I on the right forum

Just thinking after reading about fibro and exercise .. I can't exercise to any effective degree anymore due to my arthritis... I know I am only in my 40s and fibro used to be my only illness but now arthritis has left me hobbling on sticks and even chairobics defeats me.. I just wonder should I be on an arthritis forum. I know I can offer insights on how fibro affects me .. But lots of things like exercise are beyond me so it's got me wondering if I should be somewhere else cos fibro now isn't my only illness


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Exercise is beyond me too, because I also have arthritis.

If exercise works for some, great but I can't do a worthwhile amount.

Ironic really as until 2007 I taught 13 aerobic classes per week.

For what it's worth I think you should stay and continue to share your insights. As for me, I rarely post or comment but I read loads.

Have the best day you can!


Reading these postings got me wondering if fibro and arthritis come hand in hand ?

I have had fibro (unknown by me until this year) for eleven years. With my diagnosis this year I was also diagnosed with osteoarthritis. I was also told to exercise. The trouble is I have two frozen shoulders (is this another factor to fibro as I have seen others complain of this on here ?) so I am not able to lift my arms. The tops of my legs hurt constantly and my knees give way. Just doing a bit of shopping wears me out for the rest of the day. I have tried to exercise but found afterwards I cannot move at all !! Some days just getting to the toilet feels like a marathon.


There is a really good helpline which includes both arthritis and fibromyalgia that may be helpful with giving advice on the difficulties you are facing with exercise and having both conditions and a website. Google arthritis care ( Hope they are able to help.


I think you should stay, VG! Nothing to stop you also contributing to an arthritis forum, too, though. I think lots of people end up with multiple conditions, and no one thing really rules out the others, but it's always a good thing for others to hear your experiences, and I don't think that an inability to exercise puts you at a disadvantage here.

Sara xx


You could go on more than one forum so you can get answers about all your illnesses.

Piggie hugs xxxxxx


If you leave VG I shall have to stamp my feet, throw a hissy fit and have a tantrum until you come back!

Piggie is right you can join more than one forum, I'm in the thyroid one as well - but it is very dry and technical and I can't understand most of the posts lol

Julie xx


Don't leave us VG! I do so love your sense of humour and some days it is the only thing that makes me smile. Sad and selfish, that's me. I will happily share you but please don't go!! ;) Jane x


Gulps ... Hey thank you for the support... I guess I was just having a bad day... Feeling a bit sore and sorry for myself... I still have days when I really miss the old active me ..

I.ll be more positive tomorrow

Thanks for the replies... Went to look at an arthritis forum ... Geez it's laid out so complicated this one is sooooo easy to use ... I need an arthritis forum from healthunlocked... My brain can't cope with anything complicated

Thanks for your support

VG x


NRAS and Pain Concern on h.u.

join me!



but stay here too.


Hello VG, there is a Health Unlocked Rheumatoid Arthritis forum, but no forum for Osteoarthritis yet, although a South African forum for Arthritis is apparently coming soon! Not sure if that is any help to you depending on which type of Arthritis you have.

I think many of us belong to other "illness" or "health related" forums - in my experience I haven't found one that is as friendly or as welcoming and informative as ours here at FibroAction! :)


Thanks LIbs... Of course I have to be awkward and have osteo.... Will be looking at the south African site when it comes online... Healthunlocked do the best forum layouts .. For me anyway.... Am on the ibs one... But posts are few and far between there so I only get answers on there not the friendly chat like here


VG :)


That's very nice of you to say VG, thank you! :D

I too have Osteoarthritis, so I sympathise with you! I think from what I have seen that the communities can differ, we have something very unique here at FibroAction, it's by far the best forum I have ever been part of. :)


I find these sites much easier, too - like Sandra, I'm on NRAS (I don't contribute much, now I know it's fibro not RA, but I pop back sometimes to see how people are, and if there's anything I can give answers on) and Pain Concern, too. Other forums seem more more difficult to navigate, and my Pooh Bear brain doesn't cope well with difficult! ;)



Hello VG

I just wondered what kind of arthritis you have, it's very painful whatever

It is and also fibro as well.

Do you think that fibro, God don't know how to word this, to you think

That fibro is not a stand alone disease,I'm going to call it a disease as that

Is what I believe it to be.

Do you think that fibro is some thing that you get before some thing like

Arthritis, I know reading another of your questions you ask if we thought

If we were born with fibro, I believe that some of us are born with the possibility

Of getting it my mum and two sisters both had fibro and my gran used

To say that her rheumatism hurt, which I think was fibro, so maybe yes

We are and we just need some thing in our life's to trigger it


You always belong to both


Sorry I just read you have osteo, sorry did not read the replies

No excuse


No need for sorries viv ... I often read the replies and then immediately forget what I have read. That's why I often start my posts with apologies as I am never sure whether it's been recently discussed and I.m repeating something recent

VG x


Hi you can belong to more than one healthunlocked community i have overactive thyroid and other things wrong as well. I flit between each for help on whatever is bothering me the most at the time. I am in my 40's and when i talk to a lot of my friends we all seem like we are dropping to bits way earlier than my mother's generation she is fit as a fiddle. I suppose it is just the luck of the draw i started with RSI (tenosynovitis) in my 20's and have gone downhill from there. Lesley x


Totally agree with you Linksy. My mum is 73 and still very fit and regularly climbs hills on her way into town I found difficult as a teenager.

VG I am in my 40s too and can barely walk across the road at the moment let alone do exercise. I don't appear to have arthritis (except for gout) only the fibro so please don't feel out of place on this website.


I have Osteoarthritis, fibro, and osteoporosis (thinning of the bones) , so got hit with three lots of pain, I was told by a Dr that if you have arthritis you usually get fibro as well.


Hi vg

Neither can i excercise and tried !!!

Stretch my fingers 123 hehe cant even put hands out straight seems anymore and yet no arthritis diagnosis.

Seems my Dr's are reluctant now to do more tests as Brain specialist is end of road

I beg to differ.

Have you been on Arthritis site ?

My friend uses it as she calls it Arthur lol


Poor you quite a mixture

I go on

Other sites too but busy with wrk so much



Dear VG we all seem to be cursed with many other illnesses (canot spell that) I too have arthritis osteoporrosis as well as stenosis of my back etc etc the list is like a shopping list so I have joined three or for sites although I spend more time here = I like every one and you are all so helpful! So join a few if you have time :) xgins


every morning and night this is my exercise:-

up 2 3

down 2 3

- then the other eyelid!



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