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Pin The Tail on The Donkey?

Which part/parts of you hurt today? Do you ever feel like a living human version of Pin The Tail On The Donkey? Is this new pain today a fibro thingy or something else?

I have the usual 'background' headache, a relatively new symptom for me, as in I only started with this one since earlier this year.

I have regular eye checks due to a tumor in my left iris, so I know I don't need an eye test. That sounds pretty scarey I guess but it's not, the tumor was zapped by radiation in the same year it became active, and has not grown again since. Fingers crossed, (not literally as they'll cramp), it won't, ever again.

The flip side, the positive eye bit, is having some beautiful frames for my spectacle lenses, hand painted in the jewelled colours of reds, purples and blues, designed by an artist named Ronit Furst, a birthday gift from my lovely sisters:) My old metal frames made my face itch so much I wanted to peel the skin off!

I can't control my body temperature either, I keep melting.

My throat and mouth are sore, not like in a cold but more in as if I have been shouting hard for a few days. My voice keeps going croaky and hoarse, I sound like my voice is breaking. I know it's not because I'm a 51yr old female. I'll just have to dose up on honey;)

My neck muscles ache and my left shoulder muscles feel tight and knotted, everything seems to be creaking and grinding, as if I've shrunk my muscles in the bath. My nose is peppery, I wish I could sneeze.

My lower back threatened to flare up a few strides into my walking the hound, but I kept at it and, for once, I beat the fibro and the pain died down again.

We missed the rain, the hound had a field day sniffing everything and even tried to kick up his arthritic heels!

I thought about joining him but didn't wish to push my luck, so focused on enjoying the sun's warmth and changing autumn leaves instead.

I think I'll have some icecream with honey.

A good day.

Hope yours is too:)x

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I just read the ice cream and honey and felt like I was going to freeze to death Pottydog, my goodness are you warm enough to eat ice cream today, it's freezing here!

I think I would be better off telling you what parts don't hurt as opposed to what bits do. At the moment my ears are fine, my eyelashes are ok (I know it sounds bonkers but sometimes I swear my eyelashes hurt!), my hips and knees are ok, my appetite's ok (does that count?!), that's about it. Everything else hurts like crazy and I think it's because the house is freezing today! I have about 5 layers on and still can't get warm! Roll on hubby coming home because then he'll have a fit and put the heating on! ;) :P

I am going to make a hot curry for dinner as that always warms my cockles! :)

Well done on walking the dog and beating Fibro, that's a victory for today! :) xxx


*giggles* the ice cream is for my painful throat and neck! I keep getting hot flushes, or something like it, I don't know if it's another fibro thing or the menopause. We have heating for the first time in years here, I would say it's that but I'm melting outside as well as in the house!


I think that is a very good description Pottydog. My shoulders feel like they are being yanked out at the moment. I walked to the doctor's to get my prescription and I swear every footstep jarred my joints. I often get headaches and sometimes neuralgia (facial pain) as well. I guess the cocktail of meds keep some of the pain at bay but I am having the worst flare up I've had in ages. Well done for walking the dog (my iPhone actually just typed walking the fog - quite apt really) and glad you were able to enjoy the autumn sunshine - you put me to shame girl I slept all day and rolled out of bed at 5 to go get my meds.

Your spectacle frames sound lovely. I have my little Morgan silver half frames and some bling designer ones I had made into sunglasses.

Ice cream is good for sore throats sounds good with honey must try that - I still eat it whatever the temp cos I like my puddings but can't eat wheat do no cake for me :-( of course I usually have to sit with a hot water bottle afterwards lol

Take it easy

Storm x


Sorry to hear your'e having a flare, I was in bed a couple of Thursdays back, felt truely awful and slept almost the whole day!

I get facial pain too, my jaw will pop and crunch sometimes, puts everyone off eating!

I did a stint of grain free for a few months, found some lovely recipes, I'm hooked on cake and biscuits. I still bake grain free alot, chestnut flour is great for cakes:)

Love the sound of those silver half frames!


Pottydog Icecream and honey is lovely it just slides down yum and if it helps your throat you must use it. I adore icecream wish it could be medicine for all the aches and pains. I would however be sooooooooooo big it would have an adverse reaction. :) take care xgins


Ooh, just think, a cure for all the worlds ills, ice cream! Good job there are versions for allergy/intolerances too. Wouldn't life be bliss;)


Ha ha pin the tail on the donkey - would there be enough pins in the uk to map out our collective 'sore spots'???? Today im sporting sore heels, knees, shoulders and finger tips; my right arm feels dead and numb and I am unable to carry anything without dropping it. To top it off I am having problems with my neck which refuses to stay in a straight upright position, prefering to tilt to the left, making me look a bit like igor the monster lol. Went to see my gp yesterday and was sent straight to hospital for xrays to investigate for crumbling vertebrae will get the results in 2-3 weeks time; untill then im on muscles relaxants and painkillers - I rattle when I walk lol. To add insult to injury ive been given a collar to wear which gives me 'multiple' chins and feels like someone is throttling me every time I wear it im sure I look gorgeous - NOT!!! Lol its as well ive a sense of humour and can laugh at myself I might as well cause I'm sure everyone else is :-)))) oh the joys of fibro

Hope your pains are few and manageable today take care

Dixie many chins xxx


I guess that at least you have a collar to blame the chins on, I have no such excuse;))

I do hope you get positive answers and have no crumbling anything, and yes, I agree about the sense of humour, you obviously have oodles:))

I rattle, crunch and creak, perhaps we should form a band, give U2 a run for their mony;))))


Yes isnt it great, only compensation is something different will hurt soon, I have a proper hound cant manage the walk but just seeing her tail wag when she sees me is enough to lift your heatrt, and as long as she doesnt howl to much in excitement we are doing great. Enjoy the ice cream and being over 50 is bliss lol xx I am really lucky live in the middle of nowhere with lots of trees the colours are stunning, have a great day XH


LOL! I wouldn't want to go back in age at all, I'm happy going grey and wrinkley, I was to start with after all, and I have the purple hat:))

I would love to be more rural but I can't complain, we do have the sea close by and there are areas of green with parks etc. I enjoy watching the birds come into the garden and my dog is the best therapy ever, although his tail is more like a whip, ouch!


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