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My doc puts it down to the Fibro

I have been to see my doc this morning, feeling dreadful, had constant pain for weeks now, legs, arms, hands feet, face all over and really depressed. I had not been well due to a chest infection which lasted at least 3 weeks, then i got a urine infection, then a cold. Well thankfully i am over those, but i have been left with this pain all over, and so tired. Well doc said you have had a rough time of it these last few weeks, put all the pain etc down to a flare of the fibro and arthritis, says i have a trapped nerve in my elbow that is why i am having so much pain in that arm and have numb fingers. He has given me amytriptilyne says it will help with the pain and help me sleep and also help with he depression. I'll give it a go, but if it makes me feel like a zombie on a morning i will leave it. Fed up with pain and tiredness, Chest infection has left me breathless as well. Want to try claiming DLA mobility again but been turned down so many times for i am now just wondering whether it is worth trying again.

Anyway enough of my moans and groans, but good to vent.

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hi Linda sorry to hear you have been so unwell lately, has GP checked for asthma ? or tried you on inhalers ?. i was fine on amytrip when i used to take it and i really hope it helps you , not everyone finds it knocks them out, warm hugs x J


Can you take Amytriptiline before you go to bed instead?

You have had an awful time of it - hope you are feeling better soon really soon.

Julie xx


Yes he said to take them in the middle of the evening so that they are working by the time i go to bed


Hi Linda, I found when I took Amitriptyline (75mg - 100mg for four years - I recently stopped taking them and feel better strangely), that if I took my dose just before bed I was sparked out for most of the following day. I felt like a zombie.

I changed my dose time to earlier in the afternoon that I felt tired by midnight, it helped me sleep better and I didn't feel a zombie the next day. Just something to bear in mind in case you get this sparked out feeling. Hopefully you will be ok at the time you take your dose. If you aren't ok, then it's something to consider.

Failing that, please go back to your GP who hopefully will be able to review your meds or alter your dose of Amitriptyline.

I am sorry you have had such an awful time of it lately, hopefully you will start to feel better really soon. Take care, here's a hug for you. We are here for you. ((( hug ))) x


Like Liberty I take mine to late afternoon and I would still be awake until daylight came back a round. He is trying me on them again and so far so good. Getting a little more sleep than normal but then again it means I am waking up more often with pain xxxxx


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