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Helping me with my sandals!


Looking after my 4 year old granddaughter yesterday and not feeling my best! I plodded on regardless, when the time came to pick the "2 big ones" up from school I sat at the bottom of the stairs to put my sandals on but they were out of reach! "Don't worry Nanna,I'll do it for you"came her little voice! and whilst helping to put them on, continued with......"when people you love aren't well, you have to help them"....."I know you aren't well Nanna and I love you very much!!" This quote from my beautiful angel face Nya, bought a tear to my eye and a swelling in my heart fit to bust!! I've looked after all 3 since they were weeks old and have loved every minute of this time with them and have always been honest about the fibro! it just goes to show that compassion can be learnt at a very early age!! Needed to share this moment with you all.....much

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Awe hunni thank you for sharing this with us it a lump up in my throat


Ho how lovely, Bet that you are as proud as punch with her.

Hugs sue xx

I have tears in my eyes. What a beautiful, caring little girl. You are so lucky to have her and she is lucky to have you. x

That's lovely you and your family have obviously done a very good job at raising young ones :-) x

Beautiful! What a credit little nya is to you! that went straight into my heart! just goes to show Honesty always best policy! You must be so very proud of them all & rightly so! Doing excellent job bringing such kind, caring children up, a real credit to you! Bless you for sharing that with us, brightened my day up for sure! (((Gentle Hugs))) X

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Hi Lynn lovely to see you.

Love and hugs as usual, sue xx

Ditto! Thank you Sue for your reply, much appreciated. (((Gentle hugs))) Lynn XX

Hi Ninja

What a wonderful little girl you must be so proud of her. It shows how much even the smallest child picks up on. She seems to have a naturally emphathic nature, it looks as though you have a little carer in the making. Well done to her and your familyx

That is just so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with us all.

Take care

Ken x

How truley beautiful ! :)


That's lovely. Funny how the young just 'know'. Wish the older ones were the same. The look of disgust yesterday when I said I couldn't take someone to a local catalogue shop to pick up a garden storage box as I didn't feel up to it has had me worrying all night.

What a beautiful message. Like the voice of the angels. My neighbours son decided he would have dinner with me and as a treat could he have it at the coffee table to watch tv. No problem so I just had mine on a tray no problem until I could not get up from the sofa due to my fibro but the wee plucky seven year old said don't worry put his tray down came over took my tray and then came back to help me. Had a tear in my eye. Take care and it's so good you can share xx

Love to here these beautiful posts, thank you.

This has brought a tear to my eyes, how moving. Thanks for sharing, I think the little angel IS a credit to you. Gentle hugs to everyone.

Awesome!!! She sounds like a very special little girl. Sounds like Grandma's pretty special too :) xxx Mitzi

Hello, what a little precious you have there, did the 2 big uns do something nice for you, and lets you rest up a bit?, so nice, ttfn

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