Re Dr's appointment hi

Hi all.well heres how my Dr's appointment went.and thanks to all of you first for all your've really comforted me.💜.

OK so here goes. may I help you.

Me..I'm really having a problem with my neckis it possible for you to have s look at it &see how bad the muscles are spasmed or perhaps give me something to relax the muscles or to control my pain ..Tylenol and Advil plus robaxacet just don't seem to touch the pain. your throat and I'll check.the muscles in your neck. he touched the front and back I said yes.that's it as indicating the pain. worries about this you don't have a'll be just fine it's not something I can help with no Dr has a fix.

Me..I understand that but possibly get some pain management.

Dr.. I'll write you a prescription for zantac.

Me..what for?

Dr...try them for muscle spasms in your stomach.

Needless to say like Karen said about her dog Dougal..

I felt the same way.. I walked out no better a head or help..this sucks.

Well I'll try looking for a new Dr.. Hope I get Lucky..

Once again thanks all for your comforting words .I feel so not alone knowing I have all of you to thank for your support.


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  • Stomachs I thought it was your neck, really some drs please get a second option before taking the new tablets, its OK you will get sorted hun ok

    Take care xxc

  • I went to a gp cos of headaches and swellings(bone?)and ignored these to tell me I was borderline diabetes.just read that acromegaly can cause borderline diabetes.she said she had not heard of this took 2 + years for investigation on my choking and difficulty swallowing.

  • Yeah, that really sucks. . .

    I don't think the medication works on both as the muscles are different, but I'm not a GP. Doesn't sound like your man is either. . . Did he actually listen to you? Hugs

  • Very strange, Zantac/ranitidine is used for the treatment of gastric ulcers and acid reflux, not sure how it will help your muscles!

  • This is poor, you've gone for help with your neck, and he gives you stomach medicine! What was he thinking? Have you the possibility of seeing a chiropractor or osteopath? Both of these specialists will be able to tell if your muscle spasm is being caused by tension, or if you have a problem with a vertebrae in the neck. Our necks support our heads, which are very heavy, and a postural change can lead to pain and muscle stress. Sometimes something very simple, an awkward twisting movement, can begin the stress. It gets worse because it doesn't get treated, and because it hurts, we sit or move differently. Is it eased by sleeping at night, or is it more painful on waking? MariLiz

  • omg how much i can relate to you ive been in agony with my back for 4 weeks now ,have seen 4 differant doc,s and each one tells me a differant story ,and want to give me differant pills for it, also had a xray and sc an on it all to no avail ,,they say they cant find nothing ,so if there is nothing there why am i in so much pain that i cant even walk , i do hope they sort you out hun xx

  • Hi coddo, Frustrating! Your pain is real, it just cannot be seen on the scans, which may be a good thing, as it is not a break or a tumor, etc. I hope you find the help you need.


  • That is why I feel afraid to go to the doctor. I don't feel any kind of comfort and dont trust my doctor. Sometimes he doesnt even look at me.

    For my neck I get massages with a therapist, as often as possible, try to go every 20 days. It is expensive but makes enourmous diference in my life. Maybe you should try. Best luck.

  • Some doctors don't really listen To you,

    I must say my doctor is good but the only older doctor left and there are new young ones taking there place until I have to I will stay with the one I know best I've seen a couple of the others but sooner see my doctor as he listens as we all know there is no fix for this but will they understand and listen to you the same x

  • Get a new Dr. He obviously hasn't listened one bit to you. Xxx

  • Hi Barb/Sweetdreams,

    I enjoy the "sweetdreams" screen name; it's so gentle and hopeful in nature. :)

    Was there any talk of acid reflux or stomach spasms? It's possible he was thinking you might have esophageal spasms from chronic reflux. Yet, even if that were a part of the story, you have described more than that to us here.

    You must be disappointed and frustrated. :(

    I have found my doctors realize that not every medication in the same drug class works well for everyone; for instance, not all muscle relaxants would work best for me. They ask me to try one and to let them know if that one does not work. We then move to another one. Is it possible the doctor prescribing robaxacet might prescribe something else in its place? You may have already asked this doctor about this, I don't recall.

    With the symptoms you describe, I am no doctor, yet I am guessing you may well need some hands on therapy, in addition to medication. "Body work" can be very helpful. I have had the most response from "myofascial trigger point release" therapy. Massage would help, too, I am sure. Some forms of Chiropractic may help, the gentler forms. People have mentioned an Osteopath, which also may be helpful.

    Physical therapy may be very helpful as well.

    Rheumatologists specialize in soft tissue, I wonder if you can see a Rheumatologist? Mine has been so very helpful in obtaining accurate diagnoses and in offering modalities of helpful care.

    In the meantime, would warm packs help? Would ice help? Would a pulsating shower head help? Is there anyone around you willing to offer you a massage?

    Once I had learned more about trigger points, I have been able to locate them myself. I can also release many of them myself. Trigger points I cannot reach by hand, I can reach with a tool which is much like a cane and allows me to reach areas on my back, etc.

    One of the major issues is: How do you get through, how can you get relief, while awaiting further consultation?

    Interested in how you are getting on.

    In Support,


  • Hi crazy horse.

    Thanks for your info and concerns.

    I'm just do disappointed in the fact he didn't even want to listen .he was adament about not giving me anything for pain. He told me to take muscle relaxants and Tylenol and ibuprophen.that's it ..he was not even willing to listen.he said he has no way of fixing the problems in Fibromyalgia. No one knows what to do .he did day say some people take nsaids /???and muscle relaxants. I went for my neck pain ..don't know why he'd think about zantac...I didn't mention tummy problems at all and once he gave me the prescription I told him I already take zantac at home .honesty I'm really confused. I'm going to book physio and see how that works .I have to do something else. This simply is not working.its quite exhausting and this us my family go for the last 28 yes.seriously...he's changed since I brought this to his attention a year ago about fibro. I believe honestly he really has no clue.I understand there's no quick fix but please.. Not even pain control of any kind..I thought it was a bit the Case of my neck pain it relaxes a bit at night with heat and feels good .same throughout the day if I turn on it a certain what it really pains bit if I stay relaxed and don't move it to much its just pressure pain .right in the middle of my neck at the nape.well enough ranting.

    I know one thing the pain really do cause pressure on top of the head.I'm going stir crazy actually

    Note to self... RELAX!!I'm trying!!


  • Hi sweetdreams,

    I am sorry he let you down. :(

    It's possible he truly does not know what to do to help you. :(

    You need a doctor able to help you.

    So many doctors get caught up in worrying about addiction to pain meds. When people are suffering terribly, I feel it's imperative to do whatever it takes to help them. Addiction is always a concern; yet, so is quality of life. I also feel many people suffer deepening depression because relentless pain is not properly addressed. This can lead to suicide when there is chronic severe pain and not enough relief. It's inhumane to leave people in such severe pain.

    Some doctors have a personal policy against prescribing pain meds. You may want to ask him about this, just to clarify.

    I had outpatient surgery once with a surgeon in the area. I was in recovery for a long time, in agony. The nurses caring for me had eventually told me the surgeon does not give pain meds to her outpatient surgery patients, not even while they are attended to in the surgical recovery division of the hospital. I was so surprised. I had said, I wish she had told me her lack of pain management policy before she did the surgery! Once she left the hospital, the nurses called the doctor-on-call and were able to obtain an order for pain medication. This taught me to ask doctors, directly, about their pain management policy.

    A good Rheumatologist would take a look in every way possible and would clarify the exact cause(s) -- whether spinal, muscular, arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc. They also tend to specialize in managing this type of pain. They tend to use both meds and physical therapy modalities.

    I am glad you are not giving up! You deserve help with this.

    We are all here to support you! :)


  • Its like they cant wait to get you out of the door. I saw my GP this week as I have had really bad back pain for 4 weeks and now it is affecting my hips. It took 2 weeks to get the appointment and he didnt even examine me. He didnt move out of his seat. I asked if it was linked to fibro and he didnt say yes or no just said he would give me more tramadol and to take them more often. He was more interested in telling me what he used to do on his day off. When he started with that I knew it was a waste of time. I have changed my GP and am no better off. I start pain clinic next week so hopefully they will help more. Gentle hugs Joolz.x

  • I do think some of them just want to sit in a chair, ask "What can I do for you?" get a one word cue like possibly "spasms", write a script for spasms of some kind or other and send you away. It's so upsetting to be treated like this. I have had such dismissive and patronising conversations with some GPs. They decide that your symptoms are emotional or psychological without even touching the area you are complaining about. In the last 6 years or so, no doctor has even touched my body. They don't examine swollen glands or lumps anywhere. They sort of glance at you and say nothing, move on to something else, or just walk out on me. Mine have to visit my home and they avoid this as much as possible. They will write a prescription for one thing and ignore the most important issues I raise.

    I do hope that you can get some real help, and of course there are others here who are more knowledgeable to suggest things.

    I don't get relief from NSAIDs (paracetemol, ibuprofen, etc) except for co-codemol taken with a cup of coffee. The caffeine does help the codeine to work, and for some people it can be more effective for pain. I try to restrict my coffee or tea to only 2 or 3 cups a day, usually saving one for the possible spike of pain I typically get at some point. If you drink a lot of coffee already, try cutting back and see if that makes a difference. For me, it seems to help, but I know that it can have the opposite effect in many others. I can't take Trammadol or many other strong pain meds except the Pregabalin I'm already on at max dose. I take baclofen if I have a massive spasm happening or muscles in a real knot. Sometimes it helps and sometimes not.

    I do want to ask if you have tried heat on the swollen and spasming muscles? I bought an electric heating pad recently.. a nice one that has a soft cover instead of the plastic kind. It was about £30 on Amazon. It has made such a big difference! I keep it in a pillow case next to my normal pillow so I can switch the socket on and have it whenever the pain gets really bad. For me it is usually in my legs, so I use it under my knees, which I also keep elevated with a nice wedge shaped foam pillow I bought on Amazon also. but I have had some real relief from shoulder and arm and back pain with the heating pad, also. I try to relax with some very calming music and low or no lights on while I use it. As the pain eases I tend to drift off to sleep. If you can do this it would be great.

  • At my doctors practice we have a manager who deals with complaints or problems it might be worth talking to them or ask you GP to refer you as he doesn't have to medical knowledge to help you; harsh but true

  • GRRRRRRR, not surprised !

    Try researching Tempora Mandibular Joint Dysfunction. One site: (dramir)... It sounds way over the top when reading) BUT, I've just followed it up with a VERy well qualified Recomstructive Dentist , a neighbour. Until I spoke to him I thought it was a wacky idea.

    After a thorough dental check, big X-ray machine showing whole mouth at once; it shows my R jaw joint has more or less collapsed, much more stuff which means that at least part of my neck pain prob is related......Tooth decay not mentioned by my Denplan dentist, I can't actually 'grind' my teeth as my dentist said I do because they do not meet well enough !

    I have some osteoarthritis there.Docs seem to think I am a wimp in past, saying 'most people have this and do not notice so much pain ' MORE GRRRRRRRR!

    So after all this time I have another contributing factor I could have worked on earlier to prevent reaching this place.

    This dental practitioneris keen on preventative dentristry. Some of the so called Private dentristry plans, he says, can be inadequate, cos the dentist gets insufficient reparation for time/...they are not cost effective. I don't know ref NHS Dentistry, imagine we need to be 'expert, patients as usual!

    I've read other posts on here mentioning wearing dental plates at night so others have some experience.

    Course, none of this may be happening for you so don't be alarmed !

    I am starting to see a well recommended chiropractor as well about the above.

    Good luck !

  • I am so sorry that you had such a poor reaction from your GP. I would ask to be referred to a pain clinic.

    I have been having "trigger point" pain meds plus botox injected into my neck for the last 3 years now. I have them every 12 weeks and they are keeping me sane.

    The consultant DOESN'T believe in Fibro but does treat the pain involved.

    You have nothing to lose by asking maybe see a different Dr in your practice as most now qave at least 4 or 5 Dr's working in them if not more.

    Also does your practice have a patient advisory group if so it might be worth your while contacting them if you don't feel as though you are getting the correct treatment.

  • Hi Sweetdreams, Quite a thread going! Lots of interest and advice! I can only add I hope you get relief soon. Sorry getting good care is such a hassle. Should be easier. I think you will find your way, will get the help you need. hope to hear good things!

  • WOW! There isn't a lot I can say about that? Oh yes! Find another GP?

    Take care my friend

    Ken x

  • unbelievable!! words for this ....I got my shoulder strapped down yesterday by physio at work. have to leave on for few days and will let you know if it helps with shoulders up by my ears. work colleagues were forever pushing my shoulders down. .am hoping it will help with the pain too, I'll let you know xx

  • Hi sweetdreams :)

    This is often how it seems to go for us, unfortunately :o

    If the problem persists or appears to get worse then I would go back to see the doc or seek another opinion. Obviously, if it get's very concerning I would pay your local walk-in a visit.

    I have wear & tear in my neck which makes sitting uncomfortable and also sleeping. I have a range of differing cushions and pillows for support which do help to make a little difference and help to reduce some of the discomfort it causes me.

    Sorry to ask a personal Q :o But do you deal with IBS at all? because if yes then this could have something to do with it and possibly explain your docs decision. I would be inclined to ask the doc why the zantac? and what connection does it have to the spasms in your neck? they should tell you :)

    If what the doc has suggested doesn't work then maybe they'll look at it differently, I know it's a nightmare but sometimes it's just how it works.

    I hope you get your answers hunny and send soft fluffie pillows for support and comfort :)

    xxx sian :)

    P.S: I was put on pregabalin for muscle spasms and pain, but saadly, it doesn't mean that because it works for me that it would work you but you could look it up

  • Hmm

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