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OK, would whoever's hidden my fetching wrist brace own up

Oh dear. Fibro fog has hit new levels (or should that be plumbed new depths?). I'm used to forgetting words or what I've gone into a room for and regularly temporarily misplace things but now I seem to have the capacity to make things complete vanish off the face of the earth. I was given an extremely beautiful wrist brace by the OT a couple of months ago to try out and was told to take it with me when I next went to see her. Did as I was told for once in my life but was so busy being handed over to a new OT and spending half the consult blubbing about the very-less-than-satisfactory appointment I'd had with the rheumy team and my fears that they're missing something by dismissing everything as fibro and OA that the fashion item never saw the light of day. I'm as certain as I can be that I've seen and even used it since then although nothing's certain as one of the things I seem to have consistent problems with is recalling time-frames etc - my least favourite question from doctors is how long has this been going one, when did you have the op, etc - b***ered if I can remember, ever! Anyhoo ....... said accessory has totally vanished. Have checked all likely places and every unlikely place I can think of but not to be found. I've got to go see the new OT Tuesday and she seemed more business-like and scary than the old one so not looking forward to owning up. So, I know it's gorgeous, but please could the perpetrator let me have it back? I'll gladly let you use it again after I've seen the scary OT - I was getting far too much unwanted male attention when I wore it anyway. I have a sneaky feeling it might be adorning a fish tank somewhere as a rather cosy tunnel. x

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But but but .... I THOUGHT it was a birthday present , hands over a wet wrist brace... I would have dried it but It says do not tumble dry...:-/

VG x


I have two of those to use with my crutches. Oh so gorgeous aren't they!! Very useful though. I'm hoping they'll be good for driving too when I start again in a week or two. Hope you find your lovely fish tank tunnels!


Just be aware rowantree - my OT said I could use mine to drive if I thought it would work but I'd need to inform the DVLA. x


I had a lovely wrist brace, but I discovered that it should not be worn for peeling potatoes!

That's the problem with anything to help your hands - everything gets dirty. Wish they would make an instant wash-and-dry wrist brace.

Better still, I'll give up peeling spuds and use instant chips and mash!

Moffy x


Well I do hope it turns up soon. Nothing worse than losing something. And then someone says 'it will be in the last place you look'. It always is, so let us know when you find that last place xxxxx


Last time I lost my wrist braces, I found the cat had hidden them in my bed base!


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